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^ What he said.
I like peak lapels, and I like 3 roll 2/2.5, but not those two combined .
(IIRC) Tom Ford does that a lot. And it appears more than I could count in the new series 'Suits'. I personally don't like that look at all.
Sorry for thread-necromancing, but I took advantage of the 50% sale and bought the T.M. Lewin Mayfair Dinner Suit as mentioned by the OP. Mine is a 38S jacket x 34W trousers. Bought 26 Jul, shipped 27 Jul, delivered 03 Aug via courier. Total cost was £198.38 + £25 shipping = £223.38. Amazingly Vietnamese customs didn't charge any import tax and VAT, I just had to pay like £5 for forwarder fee . Just wanna share some info of the suit for anyone who's interested in buying...
(Double post, sorry)
For such detailed inquiries I think you should consult with someone in the eyewear industry . I'm just merely an enthusiast. There's an eyewear chain store carrying Bottega Veneta where I live, but after examining them in real life I personally don't think I would prefer those over my Persols.
Bottega Veneta eyewear are made by Safilo I believe.
^^^ In Dexter S04. She's the journalist chick/daughter of Trinity Killer.
PM sent on the Saks house label B/W POW tie.
This is the first time I'm grateful, really grateful I work in an agency with flexible dress code (no tie required). Great stuffs !!!
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