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[Repeated necro bump] I believe I have exactly what you are looking for:
What's your budget ifyoudontmindmeasking? If money is not an issue then try Massimo Ferrari Studio for a Neapolitan experience.
(Both are) supposedly so. And that stuff got me hammered quite good that night.
My wedding party, last night. One of a very few occasions to be black-tied in Southeast Asia.
My Saphir Médaille D'or Pate de Luxe arrived yesterday, shipping took approx. 20 days from UK to Vietnam. I placed an order for two Blacks and one Neutral, all in 50ml tins by default. The black tins were fine, contents got messed up a bit but still there, while the neutral came in a dented 100ml tin, 3/4 full, and liquidized (no longer solid as the blacks), but still got the job done. Should I alert the seller and secretly hope for a replacement or should I just suck it...
Do your Saphir Beauté du Cuir jars have relatively big hollows created by air bubbles in them? Mine do, but since I squeezed an even better deal (£2.20 per jar) from another eBay seller who now stopped selling I couldn't complain.
While I'm agreed with the general consensus that #2 would be the top choice, is #3 (red window pane) really that bad? I ask because I want a 3-piece SB suit in PoW checks, and right now the seller has only a (light weight) fabric which is a dead ringer of #3. Thanks guys.
How about this Super 130's Wool & Cashmere suiting from teh forvm's beloved seller, how6955? I bought 4 meters for my dad's tailored suit, fabric looks darker in real life but feels incredible.
^ that. And/or at least (my) tailors have access to/hire reliable dry cleaners who know how to dry clean and press a lapel appropriately.
This is why I bring my suit to my tailor (who made it) for dry cleaning and pressing.
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