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Nice clothes and good to see a maker with commitment to creating and producing items of quality in these Islands....thanks. Now it's up to us to support you by buying! Interested in the navy cut-away shirt myself( I take it this is a regular fit?) and would welcome opinions on matching trousers from the range available? Thanks
Snap . :nodding:They're on the DM USA website....possibly for that market only, but I've mailed DM UK asking if they'll be available here.
I'm sorry for not introducing myself properly ,but having 'lurked' here for a while I will get round to it one day. I just wanted though to contribute to 'soundsnpressure' question. If you email Loake on their website and ask for their recommendation on polish they may send you a complimentary tin of their own. Having bought a pair of burgundy Loake Royals from Jump the Gun a few months back( delighted with both the shoes and the top service) I did just that and was...
I'd be interested in the 'Authentic' . Any possibility of re-stocking on the Zip coats in the larger sizes in the near future JTG? Thanks.
I'm shortly going to be visiting Turin for a few days and would welcome recommendations for good mens clothes shops please. :)Thanks
Good day to you all. Having been haphazard in my choice of clothes over the years, and more often than not getting wrong than right, discovering this forum has been a joy! So, having lurked for a while for a while and enjoyed following the many threads and learning a great deal I'd like to participate more actively, so here goes with my first post. I'd welcome suggestions please on a jacket/shirt/polo and shoe combination for these 'olive' chinos by 'Terrace Production'...
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