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sweater by Banana Republic, dyed a light moss green by my tailor. I'm not quite sure how he did it. glasses by Calvin Klein
I agree with Fernando - moving in with your girlfriend says that you and she are at the point where you like her enough to consider marriage. Having already established that you two are emotionally and physically compatible, the "moving in" is basically a test of the third aspect of marriage - whether or not you two are "domestically" compatible - whether you can provide a comfortable and loving home together. If that phrase strikes you as funny, ridiculous, or scary,...
I disagree. If a female custodian is cleaning a men's room, she should leave during the time you're in the room. If she does not leave, and you're uncomfortable with her in there, you can say "Excuse me, but could I possibly trouble you to wait outside for just a moment?" If you don't mind if she's there, she still might, so it's good manners for you to say something like "Excuse me, but would it be all right if I used this stall here?" Either way, she should get the...
SUGGESTION: 1) Eat a lot. Eat about 40% more than you're accustomed to. This will suck for a few days. Do it anyway. 2) Lift weights in the gym VERY SLOWLY - reps should last five seconds EACH. This means you'll have to adjust the machine so the resistance is less. So you'll look like a wimp to others. Suck it up. This is how you build muscle. 3) Use a spotter when on the bench. Instruct him to provide HELP when you can't lift anymore - this really helps you build...
helmut lang sample sale in NYC - just bought two pairs of jeans for $45 each. God I love this city.
Will definitely check out Rafe - and I am familiar and very happy with Paper Denim - just forgot to mention them (oops) - Austin is fine - I think it depends on your body type - I'm skinny and tall so I'm more into the skinner cut. Although quite stylish, I find Prada to be simply too expensive, and low-quality for the price.
Lived in NYC all my life. This outfit is the absolute fall best: Varvatos makes the best messenger bags. Also, layering is great for the city look. Go with white J.Crew undershirts, and a thin cotton or merino crewneck sweater over it, in dark red, burgundy, brown, or even navy. Roll up the sleeves. And wear either dark tan cords or chinos or blue jeans from Levi's Skinner, or Diesel, Helmut, or Calvin. Another favorite forgos the layering on top for a slim...
A fragrance should do this for whomever is with you: "Wow, he smells great." It should not do: "Oh, he's wearing Aqua di Gio" That's why fragrances can be undesirable if overused. Not to get involved in the trend/unique discussion but as far as fragrances go, one should not wear something everyone else wears.
I have been *very* happy with Alfred Dunhill's clothing. My guess is that they outsource them.
Anybody can offer any insight into the quality of Hugo Boss footwear? Much appreciated.
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