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Oh man if only that was a size 3 id get it in a secondthanks ill check them out as welli guess ill keep an eye out for julius leather, thanks for the confirmation
Anyone have any idea on where I could get something like the jacket below?
Sorry for the dumb question, but is it burgundy or brown? My phone screen and computer screen greatly seem to disagree.
what last is it on?
Glad it worked out for you. Was almost too good to be true for a little more than 200.
Thanks for the advice.Sadly 9 looks sold out, wasnt meant to be I guess...
I am an 8.5 in the inca, and a 9 in the forest
has anyone picked up the jodhpurs? I dont have any experience with the simpson last or the deia so Im hoping someone has some insight on sizing
great deal on hardy aimes monkstraps if anyone is interested, Supposedly these are made by alfred sargent though I cant seem to find where I read this atm. With the 10% off coupon they came to 225 too good a price so I took a chance and got a pair. Will report with more info once they come in.
Id be interested as well if its burgundy grain or dark brown hatch
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