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Quote: Originally Posted by woody^^ Jacket is a 50, measurements that were given: Height: 6’1. Chest: 37.5". Weight: 70kg A 50, and you have a 37.5" chest? No wonder it looks like your dad's jacket, what does that measure out to like 45" chest? That would be giving you almost 4" on both sides........
Quote: Originally Posted by Zackb911 All used of course but look at Ebay completed auctions, everything I mentioned is possible. 04-06 Range Rovers, 99+ 360's, etc. but dog, who the hell would want that when you can have a ballin Wagoneer>!?!
I'm sorry, but that fit is horrible.
Good price on CPs
Almost shit my pants as I thought these were court lows Would love some white court lows in 41
Dear God
Aeglus and Risky, thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate the feedback.
what do you mean what am I selling? It's pretty self explanatory lol? ss11 black perf achilles size 41. EDIT-Doesn't matter anymore.....guess I won't be selling haha.
I don't think Mauro will mind this as he's sold out in this size....... I have a brand new black V neck shirt (the one that's $45) that I never wore. Recently purchased, size XL, will let it go for cheap. PM me if you're interested.
How hard do you feel it is to break in the calf Aeglus? Comparatively to your lamb......this is great because you actually do own both.
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