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Hahaha, i click on the next link as apparently he's trying to get in with 'South Moon Modeling' haha and the next is his twitter where a couple days ago he said 'gotta love the haters down at the' *This is crazy how much shit you can find out in like 2 minutes with a simple google search. WTF
Actually he's in college:
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Question: KitonBrioni or UrbanAesthetics? Definitely Kiton as he just posts in ONE thread. Unlike UA who posts in multiple threads and even creates his own which leads me to believe in real life he's a pretentious douchebag who thinks he deserves credit for his 'style' and wannabe fashion blog.
Can we start a 'Ban UrbanAesthetics off SF' club? We'll just have that caption in all red caps in our signature. Maybe he'll get the picture then that's it's seriously not even amusing anymore and his style BLOWS. I'm beginning to think Ariel is mentally handicapped.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdgn123 shorts and sneakers /thread, diprew don't say ANYthing else, you have your answer. and ask simple questions like this in the 'ask a question thread'
Naw homie, I'm not calling you out, I'm more saying that's crazy that Charly would suggest that for you with that chest measurement. Altering's going to cost you a pretty penny, everything's pretty baggy. TBH, I think you could of had a 'slim' fit like you were wanting with a lengthened 46
he looks like a 40 year old average dressed male.
Quote: Originally Posted by bma blog's not bad, really. Lol I can only imagine how poorly you dress
Yea, but your jacket will probably measure out to about a 39" chest....that's more reasonable...only 2" of room on each side. That's CRAZY to buy a jacket that is 8" larger than your own measurements unless you're going for some ghetto look.
Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu hmm i'm 5'6"/130 and my 44 baseball jacket should be arriving tmrw we'll see how that works out... what does your chest measure?
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