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I like my white/gum summer '10 achilles better than the white /gum '11 achilles. The black perfs aren't even noticeable though....
spencer-sounds awesome. I'm loving my blues and I've got the blacks coming in from leather soul tomorrow.
Sent them back
size 41 AND 45 white lows right here for a good price. Seanathon and ivwri here you go....
I serously can't believe the Lobbs either. Wow...that's fucking awesome. Great pickups AG
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Man, that is such BS. I placed my order like late Thursday from FarFetch, and Eck can attest to this cuz he's the one who tippe dme off, and my order is the one that gets cancelled because people probably ordered directly from the store. Chick I spoke to yesterday even guaranteed my pair and now it is cancelled. Mannnn that really does suck!
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide jacket looks real good... nice fit Yup, agree. This is is good fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Damnit, my orders been cancelled! Haha, Scott emailed me and told me they sold 4 more pairs within 12 hours of me giving the heads up.
Good price for a size 40 in MMM for lowtop distressed white GATs
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu 5% fee + shipping, i think! yup, plus usually a 350-500 yen bank transfer fee. they're GREAT guys. super quick service and very easy.
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