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Quote: Originally Posted by Mossy the painted GATs look so much better on the grey base than on the beige base. I have the beige ones from the yoox sale and can't really justify another painted GAT purchase so soon :/ That's why I didn't pick up the Yoox ones. Definitely like the SS11 ones better.
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Did you order the 42 He's got the 40's and I got the 41's.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne The most frequent new threads that seem to pop up on SF revolve around either T-shirts or underwear or pertaining to UrbanAesthetics.
Quote: Originally Posted by hwai333 looks like someone walked out of a crime scene Yea those are pretty ugly IMO The whites are the best painted and my fav GATs
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg I'm sure you were being sarcastic but I'd absolutely rather have a Wagoneer over newer Range Rovers, just not at 100k I'd rather have a brand new M3 + pocket change than have a $90K Wagoneer.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks UrbanAesthetics guy is probably getting a lot more woman than any of the people on SF that are whining Lol, this really did make me laugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu[/IMG][/SPOILER] aloharag has a (rather awful, imo) fit pic of the painted mids which made me decide not to kop them.. those are awful.....all the wannabe highs are....painted lows are fire though
I know these aren't sneakers, but most of you guys wear nice leather footwear as well.... if anybody sees some Guidi black derbies in 43, please give me a PM, trying to find some. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk Just got the Barney's mailer; markdowns start 6/1. that online or in store
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