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you're welcome man. i have the same watch as a beater watch. Big watch guy here, trust me, it's your best bet for what you're looking for
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou The whole 'white dude with short hair and beard wearing slim pin-rolled jeans with Aldens and EG something up top, likes nice European cars, and listens to Kanye as their token hip-hop artist' thing is getting so cliché. Or, did you all already know that and I'm just late to the game? White dude, beard, likes nice European cars.............all the others are a no go for me though....
Quote: Originally Posted by APK What if he pairs it with underwear that costs $16 or less? This was awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by Llamadon Are there any Seiko 5's with fabric bands or the capability to have the band changed? I really don't know anything about watches, I just know that I need one for work and I like fabric bands. SNZG15K1 Get it off eBay from a reputable seller. EXACTLY what you're looking for with a workhorse of a movement that is true and tried. $120 or so.
Neither. Get a Seiko 5. That's a schmucks watch^, it's worth about $20.
Cars fucking suck sometimes. Repairs = Sellling wardrobe
Crosspost from CP thread..... I have the following to sell *Original Black Achilles (worn 3x) Please PM me if interested *Reezy kopped blues.
^Cool shit Slack. How many pairs of CPs do you have now BTW? Another thing I wanted to note for you guys in case you didn't know.......on the '11 Summers....the gum sole is lighter than than last years summer editions.. This is a +1 in my book and meshes with things even better.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkknight the white stitching kills the black perfs. well the perf sucks too actually. i didn't like the feeling of the gum soles either. too soft and rubbery. the slim soles that are on the training boots are perfect. more cp's should have those. what white stitching? and strongly disagree with all this. the perfs with the smaller gum sole are a perfect combination IMO. look super sporty and if you have athletic...
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