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Murder Varsity, so fucking dope
^haha yeah man, i saw your recent purchases, you killllllllllllllllled it
No to suede, ew. Like these the best^ haha
Margiela..........not right this minute but soon. I figure 50% off retail so about $950 on the jacket and $300 on the shoes. Both are SS11...really wanting some opinions on the jacket, I'm not 100% sure what this seasons is made out of.
Quote: Originally Posted by max-t that's a bummer :/ You're telling me. and these guys saying they'll proxy for you but charging like $50 or $60? Maybe if you're wanting to do like over 1K in purchases............but for something small like a $200 purchase? Come on man, if that was my discount I'd do it for like $10 as you can use the buyer's credit card info and get it shipped straight to them. That's 10 minutes of your time that you can do...
Quote: Originally Posted by max-t yeah those painted gats look awesome, i sold mine to fund the purchase of mmm gat white hi tops but i'll prolly re-kop the grey base ones once i catch them on sale for under 300. also i find the gat lows are more comfortable than all my cp's. Agree with EVERY bit of this. Grey base are WAY better than beige base. I paid $337 for mine from the Corner sale. GATs are definitely more comfortable than all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SeanathonHuff baller & non-baller sneaker brands that offer much of their selection wide sizes, or tend to be wide normally? SF searches yield Superga, Converse, Ferragamo etc... New Balance comes to mind, and Nike ID can be ordered wide. Stay away from Common Projects, very narrow. Margiela GATs are normal width. Lanvin sneaks run very wide. Hope this helps, I'm baller sneaks only : )
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Painted MMMs on the top right look beautiful! Yeah, they're super nice. Gotta see em in person to really understand what the paint is all about. The rest, especially the black perfs, just look lame with this quick photo, but they're super nice in person as well. I like how the perf is super light and sporty, has the gum sole, but the original black has buttery smooth leather. Really different feels on my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi the sale opens to everyone else weds 9am est. I heard this is incorrect and that absolutely will NOT be opening the sale to the general public
all i had time to take reezy. blue perfs aren't in picture as they're boxed up to be sent to you ; )
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