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Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Check the toj gallery for old pictures of the moto and you can see what the can tab pulls looked like, but trust Drew. You can change out the pulls on a zipper (kind of), but it's really not worth the trouble for the ones you want. Yeah, I've seen all those....just a much bigger fan of 'normal' zippers, not dangly ones. but no more talking about that....can't change it so I'll just have to stick to...
WTF, was there not an email for tote holders going out talking about the honeydew? i would of kopped that shit immediately.........
They're this season, it's grey, idk why it says beige. the ss10 ones were beige underneath. look at page 744 on the baller sneaker thread, i compared the two
Yoox were ugly beige base, these are better. and they're sold out of a lot of sizes. $279 is good if they carry your size
I see where you're coming from with that. Aesthetically though I still can't vibe with them Damnit, I just want to order a new one, guess I'll just have to keep looking pre-owned though.
want this in a 52
I've heard people say they didn't like it before in prior convos
you're 41
5 zip is dope, idk why people hate.....I'm a more muscular guy, I've tried one on before and think it looks AWESOME. I've also seen a smaller (asian too now that I think about it melon, lol) who looked really good in one as well.
I was actually referring to individuals inquiring about getting them changed by somebody else, after they receive from you. I asked a couple of places around me and they said no...... Have you ever though about doing all the pocket zippers in the square style like the main one?
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