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Haha ok, ok.
RFX-both of those you posted are current season. The top is lamb, the bottom is horse.
Ok, this is another thing that could be interesting then. Could you clarify. Is this just something like uncontrol's where you take an existing design and mess with the materials? or are you perhaps thinking about all out custom, complete different layout of of jacket. As in like a TOJ 5 zip or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin No he was and still is DMash1080. And yes, he is annoying Yup, long story short I can only get on that name on my laptop due to password (keyboard issue ). No response from mods about resetting it, so I just said whatever and made a new name. Don't be offended because I'm raising genuine curiosity about the jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one It's not hard. As I said, I could do it for you tomorrow. However, I'm not going to do that, because I don't aim to make inferior goods. I think that is counterproductive to my ideals of quality. Would you go into a sushi restaurant and say 'look dudes, I know you sell sushi here, but I know you're able to cook and you can probably make hamburgers - can I order one of those?' Fair enough...
It's really not man......I've showed the zippers to a lot of people (wondering if it's just me) and almost everyone comments the zippers look out of place. Especially my girlfriend, she hates them. In the end, we're dropping hundreds of dollars on something and we just want what we want........ I'm posting this here instead of editing my original posting: *One thing I've never understood though, if you could clarify this and just put the zipper talk to rest it would be...
That's why I'm not arguing about it and I've stated multiple times it's just my opinion from an aesthetic point of view. I KNOW Drew's argument about why he uses them and that they ARE nice quality. I don't know who's arguing about quality, I've never said that. I do know I've spoken with quite a few people who agree with me on the dangling being a turn off though. AGAIN, Drew's stated he's not changing them. That's why I asked my question regarding if anyone had...
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit You realize you can get the 2011 moto without chest zippers, right? Go with blacked out zips on a black jacket, and that's about as subtle as it gets. I want all 4 zippers, non black. I'm not going for subtle per say, I just feel the dangliness is feminine and takes away from the badassness of the moto. That's my opinion though, others can have theirs. Ahh jeez, seriously, no more zipper talk from me...
somebody more knowledgeable can lend some input but i was under the impression that ONLY grey base was this season. retail on this season is $465 anyways.....I think those are last years they just haven't marked them down. might be trying to pass them off as ss11 though.....that would be lame.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz yeah same, that's why i got the tote in the first place (for first access) honeydew was on my list, if i miss out on knickers too i'll be choked knickers are on my list too. i want vagina on me 24/7
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