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Another suggestion is Wazin on 57th. I just commented elsewhere that I've had a few suits that had relatively extensive work done, though not as much as you're talking, and they turned out very nicely.
Not sure if you've tried Wazin on 57th but I've had fairly good luck with him doing quite extensive reworking of OTR suits and prices were'nt astronomical. I have no idea what his Bespoke work is like though.
If you look at how his image has been changed through the show, the crew appears to have slowly widened the skinny lapels and ties slightly from the initial season forward - cleverly subtle in my opinion as he was molded towards Harvey.As for your initial post on the tie - it's obviously a "Harvey" tie not "Hermes" I agree that it was a misstep in keeping true to the character that they've built in Harvey though.
I'm bumping this thread looking for some input from those who have used Graly in the past. I will be passing through HK later this year but will only be in town for 24 hours on each leg (land midday and depart midday the next) - with 2 weeks in between. Am I being too optimistic that I could arrange an initial fit on my first flight through and collect on the return layover?
The 5th Ave in Merlot is a good choice in my opinion but may I ask why you're saving the Black PA for the third pair? To me, those are a solid staple that'll go with anything in your wardrobe and since you don't have any black currently would add variety. As for the Rogue vs Strand I went for the Strand in Brown as I found they looked slightly more refined and the darker color doesn't highlight the brouging as much as the walnut. They have more brouging in total than...
I'll second that. My most frustrating issue is when they claim to have made a delivery attempt and also claim to have left a 'we missed you' card when they have clearly done neither.I tested it with one item that I didn't need urgently and finally got the card 4 days later.
Thanks for the heads-up on selection. Was feeling a bit bad that I couldn't get over there yesterday but given that it's only a few staple 40R I'm after it seems that I didn't miss much.
Which location was this and did you by chance leave behind any pants or were there only a few to start?
My 2c: It's a great name for the target market - which I think would be only a small percentage of the people on the styleforum. I like the 'edgy' name and think that if you're trying to play in the mass market - you need to catch the attention first. As has been said already though, a follow through with a great product is a must. I get that you don't have decades to built the cache of some of the brands bantered around here but consistent good or bad reviews will set...
My understanding from the OP was that he didn't want to just change the formatting but had to compare phone numbers with 'harcoded' formatting. Though if it's just visual formatting then - easy answer.
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