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Sent a PM!
Yes, I was beginning to wonder myself! In the end I hope the new owner fits them well as they are fantastic shoes. I may now start to research the fit of some Vass shoes as there are a number showing up on the B&S.
Shoes have been SOLD!
These shoes are absolutely fantastic and I honestly wish they fit my foot better and I wouldn't even be considering selling them! I guess its just a matter of timing really. The right buyer will see these and I'm sure they will find a good home.
Ok, I thought I had these sold once I got back but it seems the buyer has already purchased some other shoes. So they are still up for sale!
The soles measure about 12.25" long by 4.125" at the widest part of the toe box. If your willing to pay for the overseas shipping I would be willing to ship them. You'd have to p.m. your address so that I could work on getting a quote.The problem is I am going overseas on a business trip, leaving tomorrow and won't return home until May 23rd. I rather be here to box them up for shipping but if that is too long, I could have my girlfriend do it.Let me know if you...
Just in case any of you are interested, I still have these for sale in the B&S forum! Thanks,
Hello, I noticed your answer to another member regarding the similarity of the AS99 last to the C&J 337. As I have a pair of C&J on the 337 last, I'm interested in trying to figure out a size for the AS. The toe box on the 337 is great, but in a 9.5UK size the shoe is a bit snug and I've had to have them stretched across the vamp as this is where I am having fitment issues. I've bought EG's in 10UK in the 202 last in order to make sure I had plenty of room, but haven't...
Gorgeous boots! They are even in my size.
In the Alden Barrie last I wear a 9 1/2, which most times people recommend sizing down a half from your regular size. These EG's are actually a little longer on me, but due to the shape of my foot I went with the 10/10 1/2. Thanks.
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