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Hi RJman, Though Spencer Hart suits are quite tailored, they actually have different constructions. My friend (who introduced me to the brand) is a big guy and has several suits that fit him very flattering, his ones are often quite softly constructed over chest and shoulders but very sharp looking still. In terms of price I was quoted £1400 (Pounds Sterling) for most 0ff-the-peg versions when contacting Spencer Hart, while Thom Browne normally is at least...
Spencer Hart is far superior to Ozwald Boateng and Richard James, though they don't advertise at all, they are extremely helpful, at least when I contacted them recently they had no problem e-mailing me back with answers and photos. just contact via www.spencerhart.com . They recently started doing o-t-p as well and have new things each season going forward I was told.
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