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You should try SuitSupply. They tend to have good quality for lower prices. Jos A. Bank suits tend to be cut too "traditionally" for most people, and the fabric honestly doesn't feel that great. If you buy there, you'd definitely need to get your suits altered to a large degree. Whatever you do, don't buy at Mens Wearhouse.
Assuming that Prom is held during the evening, a darker-colored suit (with a white shirt and satin tie) almost always looks better than one in light gray. Moreover, sneakers are an abomination when worn outside of a casual setting, so instead invest in a pair of dress shoes that you can wear in interviews and other more formal events as well. I have a 4-part series on prom attire on my blog, written by request of a few friends still in high school. It's not the best, and I...
Here in Berkeley, the few people who bother to put on a tie seldom wear anything other than a yellow/gold tie on a blue shirt, complete with a navy or charcoal suit. Works perfectly.
I've heard many good things about the tailored-fit suit separates sold by Land's End - I believe they're around the $300 range though. Save the rest for a pair of proper shoes?
Some of the shoes you posted above are in fact "derbies," which have open lacing and are considered less formal than oxfords/balmorals, which have closed lacing. With a three-piece gray suit, which sounds quite formal, it will likely be best to go with actual oxfords. The "AE Strands" you posted, which are semi-brogues, are probably the best choice among the above. While it is a classic oxford shoe, the broguing on the shoe make it more "interesting."
I would also consider a gold tie.
Longtime lurker, first post. Charles Tyrwhitt tie: Dunhill tie:
Quote: Originally Posted by Teen_Suit_Wearer Okay, here's a more zoomed out look. Great to see that I'm not the only younger person who does not dread wearing suits. I'd say perhaps reverse the shirt/tie color and consider a square.
Quote: Originally Posted by EFV Ok, second outfit that I post in this forum. Let me point out some of the flaws myself to spare you the time: Yes, the jacket is a bit on the short side, as goes for the sleeves. It's an old favorite RL blazer that I don't want to depart from as of yet though. The tie is a bit askew in the first pic. The khaki's could have been more well pressed and I should really change the shoelaces to a more brownish pair....
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