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A couple from this week...
I've certainly seen a ton worse especially for a first suit. You dun guud! :P
id sign up for sure.
Sometimes stripes send people into a rage.
I like the buttons man. Rock it!
Letting the waist out might help the gap at the collar no?
Whoa, let's relax. I don't think provoking people on a style forum made up of mostly grown men is a great idea. I'd rather see senseless bashing of mine or other people's looks than this senseless badgering.If we're gonna fight, let it at least be about clothing.
Well a shoe made based on measurements of your foot came out too big and hurt your feet. I would say that has something to do with the level of craftsmanship of the maker in Vietnam.
It would appear it didn't work out well for you. No?
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