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Why not go tieless?
This was last friday.
This was yesterday.
I really like his stuff. I have a pair of the Simon Spurr jeans. They are very nice.
People that buy fakes are not going to all of a sudden drop $7,000+ on a watch. But I do agree that the fakes do help establish the real deal's presence in the market. People that will buy a fake generally don't have the means to buy the real thing. Nowhere close. People that buy the real thing wouldn't be caught dead in a fake. I think that there are two very different kinds of people that buy watches. There are those who come at it from a rational point of view that say...
A couple from this week...
I've certainly seen a ton worse especially for a first suit. You dun guud! :P
id sign up for sure.
Sometimes stripes send people into a rage.
I like the buttons man. Rock it!
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