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Dude, your idea sucks. Not the forum.
My point is, if you're new to the world of suits, which I assume you are....you don't have any idea what makes a suit fit properly.There is absolutely no way someone can walk into a store left to their own devices, pick out a suit that ticks all the boxes of proper fit. It's just impossible.Don't be intimidated by salespeople. Soak up knowledge from people at the expensive stores, even if you have no intention of spending that kind of money. Do you really think that they...
I wouldn't be shopping for suits at Marshalls. From what I've seen when I've been there, its pretty garbage. Don't buy a polyester suit. They don't breathe, they don't drape properly. Sometimes commissioned people at a store with more expensive suits can be helpful, so that you know what to look for in terms of fit. Or creep the suit critiques on this site religiously. 40s does not mean slim by the way, it means short. Do yourself a favour, and go try on a ZZenga suit...
I wouldn't...
I pulled the trigger on one of these. I chose: - Grey Prince of Wales with a blue overcheck. - Double Breasted 6x2. - Pick stitching. - Brown Horn Buttons. +$10 - Surgeon cuffs. +20 There were a lot of customization options like contrast stitching, custom lining etc, but $20 here $20 there adds up pretty quick. So I kept mine rather simple. We will see how this comes out, I'm expecting a call to tell me it's ready pretty soon.
Why not go tieless?
This was last friday.
This was yesterday.
I really like his stuff. I have a pair of the Simon Spurr jeans. They are very nice.
People that buy fakes are not going to all of a sudden drop $7,000+ on a watch. But I do agree that the fakes do help establish the real deal's presence in the market. People that will buy a fake generally don't have the means to buy the real thing. Nowhere close. People that buy the real thing wouldn't be caught dead in a fake. I think that there are two very different kinds of people that buy watches. There are those who come at it from a rational point of view that say...
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