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Yes, I think it has more to do with armhole being too low. That will definitely make the shirt come out.
You're a grown man. Wear whatever you want. Those are pretty ugly however...
Not sure of the model, but they're Ermemgildo Zenga.
Its MTM by Coppely through Holt Renfrew.
Here's what I wore today..... and a close up of the actual suit fabric since it's kind of hard to see....
Not a huge fan of the natural shoulder. Give me some pad give me some rope!
You wanted to replicate that?!Oh lord.
How is that not CBD?
Nicely done.
Lawyered.They are not the same shirt. Very very very very very similar. They are most likely both made by Thomas Pink even. But its not the same shirt. Placket stitching is clearly closer to the edges, where the RTW Pink one is very close to the button. You'd have to be clearly blind to argue that.
New Posts  All Forums: