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You could always let it out a bit...
Had to take my watch off for this one.... A few hundred dollars can't buy you this level of craftsmanship. Thread over.
Oh my..... I hope you have thick skin my friend, because if this thread picks up any steam, you're going to be teared into. That being said, I'll try being constructive. No white ties. Ever. Unless it's a bow tie and you're meeting The Queen. You will find no love here for matching your date. You're your own man, not a fashion accessory. I most often find turquoise in the territory of cheap menswear worn by people with little experience and want something that "pops."...
Feeling like fat lapels!
Usually I wear my Glashutte Original But lately I've been wearing a WWII vintage Zenith.
Just got this one on the site for $149. Will be a good one for next summer!
Black with orange? *rubs eyes*
Perfect for the Christmas party. Haha. Pictures would probably help.
Oliver peoples perhaps?
Gala Tux, not sure about the pant length, might be a touch long. Hard to tell by my stupid pose, but it was down to the wire and no time for last minute adjustments. I took sartorial license and did a vented jacket. Other than that I think I followed the rules relatively closely without being all nazi about it.
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