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No need to bash. To him, the value of master handwork is not on par with the money it costs. Can't blame him for that. It is again about priorities, plenty of respectable watches can be had at all price ranges. (Plenty of horrible monstrosities too) Buy a watch in the price range you feel comfortable in. Just don't get a fake one. And if you are the type of person to buy a fake one, don't go around and say that it is as good as an original. Chances are if you know...
Anyone who says the quality of a fake birkin is on par with a real one has never been to Hermes and handled a real one. Same goes for watches, there's no doubt that there are high quality fakes. Some may even use top grade ETA movements. (Which are not bad movements by any standard) There are a few kind of watch buyers. People that just want to be able to tell time and don't care about the watch itself. People that like the fashion of it. People that like it for the...
Plating? I guess the camera didn't pick up the 21k stamp. Have a read about Glashutte Original, you won't be questioning its craftsmanship.
You could always let it out a bit...
Had to take my watch off for this one.... A few hundred dollars can't buy you this level of craftsmanship. Thread over.
Oh my..... I hope you have thick skin my friend, because if this thread picks up any steam, you're going to be teared into. That being said, I'll try being constructive. No white ties. Ever. Unless it's a bow tie and you're meeting The Queen. You will find no love here for matching your date. You're your own man, not a fashion accessory. I most often find turquoise in the territory of cheap menswear worn by people with little experience and want something that "pops."...
Feeling like fat lapels!
Usually I wear my Glashutte Original But lately I've been wearing a WWII vintage Zenith.
Just got this one on the site for $149. Will be a good one for next summer!
Black with orange? *rubs eyes*
New Posts  All Forums: