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Not loving any of the options here.
I demand you take that back good sir!!
Oh yes, definitely four in hand. It's the only knot you'll ever need. Make sure you have a dimple in the tie too. Like mine below...
I'm a huge fuzz pedal nerd. To the core. Hahaha
Add white pocket square folded and you are good to go my friend!
Don't worry, you'll learn quickly. You'll also get a lot of conflicting advice on the details, but you'll soon pick up on an overall guideline. My easy rules of thumb:When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a white folded pocket square.Never match your tie to pocket square.Pattens can mix as long as they are a different scale. (this less important if you matching patterns that are different like a plaid tie on a striped shirt or dotted tie on a plaid shirt, but its...
Just had my 02 LP Standard outfitted with some Jason Lollar pups wound to my spec, along with an electronics overhaul. New switch, all new vintage wiring, 500k volume 550k tone pots real vintage bees sourced from a 1963 ES-330. All I have to say is....OH MY GOD.
Once you get a sense of what's right/wrong sartorially, you'll end up wanting to replace everything you own. Charcoal pinstripes are not ideal, pinstripes have a real business connotation. They're not really suitable for a celebration. But that's getting really picky. Stick with your charcoal pinstripes. I think we've steered you away from the most offensive options. Troll around here and you'll pick up some rules. No black suits unless it's a tuxedo. No square toed...
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