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Buy from Everything I've bought there comes within 2 or 3 days. Cheap shipping and no tax. Some of the cuts are more fashion forward than others, but I just bought one of their $149 suit up shirts and it's better than some of my $300 shirts. Accessories like ties and PS are very inexpensive.
He could donate it. It does sound harsh telling someone to get rid of something. But black suits really are almost useless. Charcoal is always better.
I think you're on the right track, it may no be as festive as what you were looking for originally. But I think you'll look a hell of a lot more handsome.
Agree with the PS comment. If you're gonna sharply fold something I always go with flat and square. Otherwise it's the poof for me.
Can't endorse black pants with a navy jacket. You'd need a medium solid gray. The first tie is better than the second. Is that pocket square gray? It is very businesslike however. Honestly, I'd pick up a pair of gray pants from club Monaco or something, navy jacket with a white shirt and no tie. Maybe layer under one of your vneck sweaters. Here's an appropriate red/green pocket...
I like your burgundy sweater, you could wear that on its own with a jacket and no dress shirt. The turtleneck with jacket is proving a popular look this fall. Your navy suit looks okay, can't comment on fit. I don't even mind the windowpane one. You do need serious help in the pocket square and tie department. One thing if suggest is to avoid the super shiny stuff. With the stuff you have I'd err on the conservative side. I wouldn't go wild with colours, focus on time...
Can you post a picture of your burgundy sweater?
To give you an example at my Christmas party (which was fairly casual) I wore: 1. Rough wool plaid sport coat in a gray/brown colour. 2. Plain white shirt 3. Solid grey wooly tie. 4. Deep plum coloured pants, (more on the casual side) 5. White pocket square. 6. Brown suede loafers with blue tassles.
Throw your black suit in the garbage. I can think of no opportunity where a black suit is more appropriate than a charcoal gray one. The only time a black suit should be worn is a tuxedo in my opinion. Navy is a MUCH better option. Is it a solid navy? Before we even get into fit, I'd say: 1. Navy suit 2. Maybe a micro-check shirt of some kind. 3. Burgundy sweater. (Gets your red bases covered) 4. Tie optional. Mossy green would be nice. 5. Shoes can be brown or black, I...
Are you open to purchasing new clothes?
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