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Why the cummerbund hate?
I don't know man....looks pretty good to me.
I just ordered one of their top of the line suit up shirts. I have to say in thoroughly impressed.
Yeah, but when they go down to your wrists, they tend to peep out.At least I'm on the marketing side of things, no one really has any issues.
At least your in oil and gas. I'm in the finance industry with two full sleeves. Embrace the ink! Lol
I always keep my jacket on. But it has more to do with my own neurosis than style.
Buy from suitsupply.com Everything I've bought there comes within 2 or 3 days. Cheap shipping and no tax. Some of the cuts are more fashion forward than others, but I just bought one of their $149 suit up shirts and it's better than some of my $300 shirts. Accessories like ties and PS are very inexpensive.
He could donate it. It does sound harsh telling someone to get rid of something. But black suits really are almost useless. Charcoal is always better.
I think you're on the right track, it may no be as festive as what you were looking for originally. But I think you'll look a hell of a lot more handsome.
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