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One day old...
You're right. It's OTR and not too expensive. It's only menswear, why not have a little fun?
Today I'm bringing the 70s back.
Gift from my fiancée. A 1969 Rolex ref. 1603
Felt like a casual Monday. But the signature giant peaks remain!
Bought mine when I was 18. Saved every dime I had for it. Still my main amp.
All shoes crease. Goes with the territory of you know...walking. Shoes should feel snug but not hurt you. At any rate, those aren't the worst shoes I've seen. They aren't however terribly high quality so any mistakes purchasing them will be short lived. Next time, instead of paying $225 on those, I'd find some Carmina or something on that level and stalk around until you find some on sale. You'll have something that is handsome, respectable, resoleable and not disposable.
You may have enough fabric, but the pockets might looks strange as they would be towards your hips instead of on your bum.
The suit is Ermenegildo Zegna, the Milano cut.The shirt is Tom Ford, and is the least spread of any I own. I do generally side with you, I like a nice wide spread. But we have to change it up every once in a while.
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