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Ties arrived quickly and in good condition. Thanks OP.
Just went in to Dupont BB in DC. Conveniently, they had hors d'eouvre and passed drinks for an open holiday gig. SA stacked the 15% with my corporate discount. Bought two 1818 Fitz for $574 a piece. Not bad.
Don't drink Hefeweizens [the pouring style involves rolling/swirling the bottle to gather all the yeast] or any other live beers [those with live yeast added after the brewing process is completed.]
Haven't watched the full hour yet, but it's quite enjoyable [for a novice to bespoke suits.]
Bump for quick shipping and responses from seller
Thoughts on the condition of these Tods? I'm not sure if proper suede care can return them to glory.,0,0&format=0
Quote: Originally Posted by buddha123 These fit quite tight. Consider sizing up. Agreed. I'm a 32/33 and the 34 was a good fit, the 33 was tight enough that my shirts muffin top. It's a solid pair of pants.
Bump for a lightning ship and good deal. Good communication from seller.
Width on 21?
Picking up a H&C shirt white shirt. Two options: Poplin and End on End. I'm not entirely clear on the difference. Business casual environment (tie w/ no jacket) and I walk a few blocks to work in the summer heat. Thoughts?
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