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There are lots of places that I've been that I thoroughly enjoy.  However, there are some places that one just must go to at some point, and among my favorites are: Cafe Milano (Georgetown, DC) -- When I'm in and out of DC, I make it a priority to dine here.  The food is amazing, but more important is the atmosphere and service.  I've never been disappointed, and it is absolutely the place to see and be seen.  Forget all those overpriced steakhouses near the Hill,...
What operating system are you running? What you're going to want to do is restart your computer in safe mode and then run virus scan. The problem is that a virus scan running in normal mode cannot delete a running process. If you're running Windows XP, you'll have to restart your computer and press F8 before Windows starts to load. For more information on how to boot into safe mode (in XP or any other version of Windows), check this site.
Any other info on the Barney's sale? I will be stopping in New York for a few days, but I'm working on a tight schedule and want to try to figure out where my free time would be best spent. Right now, my only definite destination is MoMA.
Quote: Very nice suits indeed and the Corneliani ties in my collection are among my favourite ties; they knot so well. I was so looking forward to placing my order, but alas, there are no 40R's in any of the ones I like. Oh well.
Some very interesting items on sale. Are all Polo suits made by Corneliani? If so, the prices (sub-$500) after applying that coupon make them pretty good buys. I may pick one or two up.
Quote: People here are mad, mad I tell you it was a disgrace seeing how grown women and 14 year old little brats were all acting alike. Any marketing professor would tell you that Lagerfeld is effectively killing his brand equity by abandoning the high end niche and being asscociated with low cost retail but seeing how people were acting on the launch of H&M by Lagerfeld I'd say that there is a whole new market out there and loads of money to be made. Wouldn't...
I was looking for those same boots, although in a different size, at about this time last year and I believe I even posted here about them. I would just have to echo the advice concerning Yoox, Bluefly, Smartbargains, but also to check eBay regularly as things like that do tend to pop up (sometimes even new). You could also try your local upscale outlets as they may carry stuff from a few seasons ago (I've seen Prada Sport shoes from 3 years ago at NM Last Call outlets).
Bond. James Bond. Sorry, had to be done, but really, most of the Bond films are very stylish.  So far as recent movies go, I would have to say Lost in Translation -- I'm a big fan of Helmut Lang suits.
Quote: The F50 is an incredible machine.  "Turns like an SUV" is the most laughable thing I have read in a long time.  I don't even know how to respond to that. how did you like Cavallino???  It's a great event.  The F40 guy had trouble parking, huh?  what a wimp   .  Just kidding, but it's no different from any other car.  Of course, in a Countach or Diablo, there may as well be no rear window at all. First off, to address the comment about...
Quote: My cousins Ferrari F50, about 180 mph down I-95 between Sample Rd and Yamato Rd. This was somewhere in the early morning, I think around 4 am, if I can recall. I was in a McLaren F1 once, but I did not drive and was only taken for a joyride; the side seats are really uncomfortable and small. I usually average 80-100 mph on my daily commute (on 45 mph roads. Yeah, I'm a maniac.), at the same time I always use my blinker and when there are accidents or...
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