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Quote: Originally Posted by jonnyfive what do they measure across waist? 15.75"-16.00"! I'm using a normal ruler and it depends on how much you stretch it, but its inbetween there. Its about a 31.5" true waist.
Bump, price drop!
If only the KMW's were a size 32-33 waist $30.00 is hella cheap. Someone should grab these ASAP
Streched to about a 30 -
Hello, Bought these jeans off another forum member, didn't fit me unfourtantly. These will be shipped next day 2 day shipping! PM me if interested. $80.00 Shipped. -> $75.00 Shipped. $70.00 shipped Inseam - 31.5" Leg opening: 7.5" Waist Laid Flat - 15.75"5 They look even better in person!
PMed you about the APC's. Ill buy them asap.
Looking for any type of indigo s 30-31, not brand new, used a little bit, or alot. PM me.
SOLD! That was quick
Looking for used / worn denim jeans, broken in, fades, etc. Broken pockets, whatever. Its all good, size 30-32. Shoot me a PM!
Selling s 31 APC NS - Looking to pick up a pair of already faded/broken in denim!
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