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Waist is 16.5" Inseam is 36"
Sup guys, It wouldn't let me edit my last post for some reason, and I'm adding pictures this time. Almost brand new pair of N&F Skinny Guys sz 32. Tags off, worn once around the house, no fades or stacks starting. Look brand new, great pair of jeans. They are pretty much true to size. Looking for $85.00 shipped. Will be shipped next day via USPS, if you're out of the U.S.A, message me and ill work shipping out. PM me for any questions!
Update, few people looking into them, no one pulled the trigger yet.
Bump, 85$ shipped!
Almost brand new pair, took the tags off, wore them around the house once. No fading / marks anywhere, look brand new. If you want actual pictures, PM me, but for the most part they look exactly like the stock jeans. Looking to get 85$ shipped. PM me!
Quote: Originally Posted by mattt Sweet fades, I'd take these if I didn't have the same pair in 29 even if they're a bit too big for me. Thanks! Please note i'm only accepting payments from verified address's on PayPal!
BUMP, will upgrade to 2 day shipping! Need to sell these ASAP!
Bump, $70.00! Steal for these fades!
Damn, those Nudies are amazing, too bad im a 32-33
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