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Quote: Originally Posted by musososeki You know, I'm getting less averse to the boots idea, but I'd really rather something that is at once robust and slip-on, without sacrificing weirdness of materials. The more exotic leathers, nylon, rubber, velcro, elastic, the better, as far as I'm concerned. So close to being a forum superstar. You over stepped by mentioning Velcro. Fun thread though, kudos.
My fiancé found the last sixer of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA in Fort Worth before moving back to OKC today. So I am savoring a bottle since a don't get it here. I was a huge fan long before that damn show Brewmasters, and I am very frustrated that the show made then so popular.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches go for it, i got one a while a while back, they are good. got mine at targhey mine end up here when im too lazy to put em away properly. then my wife trips on them (size 12) and yells at me. then i sheepishly put them away You know what they say about people who wear big shoes?
I have a quick newbie question. When should mink oil be used, if ever? Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk
Could it be the affordability of golf attire as well as a less demanding in general (clothes wise) work place? Also, with the changes in how a work life balance is perceived, it makes sense that people would spend less money on their "nice clothes" and more money on their ski boat or lake house.
I am enjoying a La Gloria Cubana Serie N, with a dogfish head Palo Santo Brown. Soon to be enjoying my goto smoke, Padron 3000 Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk
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