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The Players Shoe by Allen Edmonds is quite wonderful in my uneducated opinion.
Stockholm or Oslo
I unbutton my collar and loosen my tie after lunch, unless I have a meeting. It gets way too hot to walk the Chesapeake Energy campus in the afternoon. Am I breaking rules?
I ran 3 miles at lunch in Oklahoma City with a coworker and my heart rate went sky high. He crashed because he forgot to eat this morning. It was pathetic. I will stick to 5:00 am runs from now on.
Johnny's Po Boys are my favorite in that fine city. The line of locals on the other hand...
It is way cheaper to get a bike with 105 grupppo than to upgrade. Try to find a few extra hundred dollars in your budget. It is the sweet spot in terms of price and value.
For once I am proud of my Senator,Tom Coburn. He is right on here.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal That makes no sense. And I do have a basic understanding of what hash solving is. Still don't understand why that would be the basis for a bit. Unless the hash solving is being used for something nefarious and this is all a scam to get folks to do a lot of heavy lifting for them. From Wikipedia Quote: a Bitcoin block requires finding the solution to a difficult cryptographic proof-of-work problem....
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse I have some carbon credits to sell. $500 per credit. How many bit coins can I generate with those credits?
Ned dies Arya goes blind Dany has fire babbies
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