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The Players Shoe by Allen Edmonds is quite wonderful in my uneducated opinion.
Stockholm or Oslo
I unbutton my collar and loosen my tie after lunch, unless I have a meeting. It gets way too hot to walk the Chesapeake Energy campus in the afternoon. Am I breaking rules?
I ran 3 miles at lunch in Oklahoma City with a coworker and my heart rate went sky high. He crashed because he forgot to eat this morning. It was pathetic. I will stick to 5:00 am runs from now on.
Johnny's Po Boys are my favorite in that fine city. The line of locals on the other hand...
It is way cheaper to get a bike with 105 grupppo than to upgrade. Try to find a few extra hundred dollars in your budget. It is the sweet spot in terms of price and value.
Ned dies Arya goes blind Dany has fire babbies
$57k working for a software company in Oklahoma City.
Those are fine looking shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I love London cabbies... They're such ignorant wankers... I just blanked them them when they try to speak to me. Paki's and men who don't drink real beer should just be sent back to Afrikkka, amirite? Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk
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