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I am returning a 10.5D players shoe because it is too narrow, I noticed a Mora is in my size, how does the 8 last fit compared to the 2? Should I just order it? Also, how any pairs of Burgundy Cordovan is too many? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
I have a quick question. I am returning a pair of snuff suede players shoes because the shoe it too narrow. Right now I have: Walnut: Dalton boot and Strand Brown: Delray Burgundy shell cordovan: Leeds and Cambridge. Should I go ahead and order a wider players shoe? Or get the Bradley in Burgundy shell? Sadly I missed a steal on brown shell cordovan strands. His is probably the last time I buy shoes for a few months, and I really like the way the burgundy shell looks,...
Same here, once I found out he was holding for people I placed an order with him. I will not get them until Christmas (I bought them on behalf of my wife), but all the same!This will be my first new pair of Allen Edmonds, I have been snatching up shoes from the forums and a few from ebay.
I am pretty interested in these but have a few questions. I don't live near a store that sells Allen Edmonds, so trying on a shoe in the 1 last is difficult. How would you say the shoe fits compared to the same sized Strands, if you have them? And how old are these shoes? And I am new to the game on judging shoe wear so, how soon do you think they would need to be recrafted? Thanks for your help!
What do y'all do about shin splints? Every time I start getting into a race training program a dull ache happens in my tibiae after about a month. I only run every other day to try to ease this. I really want to do the local half iron distance triathlon again this september but am scared I am going to have to try to turn it into an aquabike.
Now that tapatalk kind of wroks, I am back to quitely lurking.
Is tapatalk working for anyone? I don't see anything when I launch styleforum in tapatalk.
I would weep if they were sea turtle. Looks like Croc to me.
All I think of when I see a man in a suit sans tie is the President of Iran. His wife is very pretty though
Has padron 3000 been recommended yet?
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