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Maybe he shouldn't list them on a top 50 worldwide website then. Not our fault a guy on a relatively obscure site found them and linked them.Content:I bought some snuff suede neumoks that I had to send back because the welt was unfinished. I cannot wait for those babies to get back to me. If they had been seconds I would've kept them in a heartbeat.
Thanks. I am just curious about the quality of the suede compared to the leather neumoks.
After the new year I will be in the market for some new shoes and I thought suede would be a good bet. The 2 last doesn't work for me, so sadly the Players Shoe is out. What are the thoughts on the suede neumoks? I just want I shoe to wear with jeans or olive chinos.
I am happy with the quality. I don't buy at full price typically, so maybe that is why. It is certainly better than what I can find in any department store in Oklahoma City.
9 mile longer run. Heat is still a factor and so I took it easy and ran with an eye on my heart rate monitor. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Does anyone have any experience with the Rutledge? I am curious how the shoe fits compared to the 5 last, my strands are a but too big and I was wondering if I should step half a size down and out a width for the 3-333 last Rutledge.
Do I have my tailor open up my jacket pockets or leave them sewn shut? These are brooks brothers jackets if it matters.
This comes off as something that steam punk kids wear to Comicon. I honestly cannot think of a place a cape would look appropriate at least in my flyover state of Oklahoma, even after seeing your albums. Kudos on enjoying it, but I do not think one could be taken seriously at work if you show up in a cape. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
Thank you for answering so quick. I was at work though and unable to apply.I know he is hocking a product but Kirby Allison seems decent enough. Here is his shine, which I was think about doing a few of my older shoes with. http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/presidential-shine/I ordered Renomat, and alas it is out of stock until tomorrow, thus I have a tub of dubbin sittin in my valet.Kirby hasn't steered me wrong yet, so I was going to try his method, is it terrible?
I am about to strip and reshine some shoes and I am curious about saphir dubbin. Do I need to buff it off after applying? Or does it absorb into leather?
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