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Never heard of Kadoya until now. They look awesome. I need this
Do it. There's also a Lucchese store in Sante Fe. When I lived in Austin I worked in a men's consignment store and we would get next-to-new Lucchese (and similar) boots in all the time and sell them for $200 or less.The rich business cowboy uniform was Dark blazer with a little structure, regular to large lapels; button down shirt ; some light-wash pressed wranglers with a nice crease and black polished boots. It looked pretty awesome.
Same here. I've got pretty normal guy measurements and usually wear a 32/48 in bottoms. I actually went up to a size 33 in these - washed and dried them once and theyre perfect. Nice slouchy fit with a comfy rise and a 7" leg opening.
To be fair this is the best late 90's early 2000's Camry Colorway - so at least he's got that going for him which is nice.I think he should try an outfit in that rad forest green color
Margiela 5 Zip $1500 obo You know what it is. Margiela 5 Zip - SZ 48 - fits true to size older style fit. Very tapered Purchased from Japan three years ago. APC - $100 obo I haven't worn these jeans in over a year so that means it's probably time to get rid of them. Washed a couple times. Never damaged. Original inseam. Looking to move fast so get those offers in. SZ 31 33" waist 33" inseam 9.5" rise 6.75" leg opening Robert Geller notch lapel black blazer....
Hey All, Is it okay to go down a size on already washed/distressed jeans? Im eyeballing a pair of 1954 501zxx in a nice light wash. I'm usually a comfy 32 in most jeans, but the ones Im looking at are 31. Think they would be too tight?
Same. With sleeves this length it's easier to tie them together and escape down zip lines attached to your building.
[[SPOILER]] Hey HooDog, What size is your Aero? Thanks.
[[SPOILER]] That's awesome. What store? I just moved from Albuquerque and spent just about every other weekend in Sante Fe while I was living there. The folks selling their jewelry on blankets around the town square said a lot of the stuff they make doesn't even stay in NM. It goes to Texas, East Coast or Overseas.
just email them please
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