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hey @Thurston Bros any word on how size grading is going? I'm just getting antsy
I have no ethics. send me your leather
This thread just keeps getting better. I don't know how you guys keep doing it, but you do.
Actually let's not.
Are these the loose-taper jeans? If so how'd you size them? I keep reading about people going down a couple sizes or so. The measurements on the site seem to match up with that information, but i'm still skeptical.
I have a pair in horse and had a bison pair. Horse in size 8 and bison in sz 9; they both fit great with the insoles. I could probably do bison in sz 8 without the insole, but I dont think it would be as comfy. Im usually a sz 43 in most things.
like, I wont be a part of your system!Does anybody really need dental insurance?
Oh no you didn't!
I'll take it. The jacket looks great from what I can see.
Got any pics?
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