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I'll take it. The jacket looks great from what I can see.
Got any pics?
I would be going with an MS based on initial measurements. Im about 6'1" 38-39in chest. Usually 38/48 in most fashioney brands.
Hey @Thurston Bros if we order a fit jacket now, when could we expect it to arrive?
dibs on Jade Suede for my future gamertag and (or) stripper name.
Yep. And when I post a WTB on SUFU or SZ I usually get pretty good responses within the first week.
blerrrgh. Don't remind me. That scarstich price is nuts. My gf will understand if I cancel our vacation for some leathers made by an Austrian lunatic right? I showed her the page from the booklet that came with my boots that says how many were made, 04-012, and she said "wow, I bet those cost a few date nights."
Rick Owens Stooges SZ48 Black Lamb - the lamb is not thickest I've seen on Rick Jackets, but it is more substantial than the the leather you find on his newer lamb jackets Unsure of the season Originally purchased from user Tsuji in great condition. Moved to a desert climate and haven't got to wear it at all. Measurements: Shoulders: 16.5 inches Chest: 19.5 inches Outer Sleeves: 29 inches Back Length: 23 inches Measurements look tight, but it fits me quite well at a...
can people be banned from certain threads? This is one of few really unshitted up places on here :[ My Block list is getting too big. all I see is blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked
Thanks for checking.
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