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I know him personally and he is 187 years old
Im not saying you cant be into that stuff and wear "dark" shit Im just saying I personally felt conflicted. If you got gundams and devoa more power to you, amigo. Do you.
True. And I think the pictures have something to do with it. If he was in a sleazy bar with a cigarette in hand or in some modern metropolis I think their would be less negative comments. But with that said I do get were OJ is coming when he says the clothes are wearing you. Im almost finished selling all my darker "edgy" stuff because I finally accepted that no matter how cool it is, it just didnt suit me. I was uncomfortable in it. I always had a ton of mixed emotions...
[[SPOILER]] understandable. especially after reading this thread lol
r u lonely?
If you are just looking for a higher rise with some taper, and don't want to spend a ton, I'd check out APC Petit New Standard. I picked up a pair last month in Sz 31 and its been great(maximum style regression reached) They have a 6.75" hem 10" rise and an 11.5" thigh. Theyre pretty loose in the waist but I don't care because they're pretty comfy everywhere else. I also wear a 31/32 in DH.
I have a FW 09 wool andover sitting in my closet. I'd let it go for $250 obo. Shoulders: 18" Chest: 21" Sleeves: 24.5:
Aero Board Racer in black italian fqhh. Absolutely one of the nicest jackets I will ever own. A very modern take on Aero's cafe racer. The materials, and construction are second to none. The Italian horsehide is about as thick as its regular counterpart but significantly softer. Pictures will never do this hide justice. The color is a deep matte black that will evolve beautifully over time. Back length--25.5 inches Sleeve length--26 inches Pit-to-pit--21...
[[SPOILER]] You're right I was unnecessarily rude. Sorry for that. I thought it was silly for the other guy to categorize 5 zip buyers like that when the majority of SLP clientele are exactly "luxury newbies." I think your jacket is rad along with most other SLP leather offerings. I've got an older horse 5 zip and it's the great. Like others have said the fit is different between leathers. I bought mine true to size and it has a pretty significant drop and fits quite...
Oh please, you guys were just blowing your loads over SLP jackets mainly bought by nouveau rich instagram kids. I think I could apply this statement to most of SLP's offerings. Im not going to claim the jackets don't look cool or that the materials or construction are inferior, but saying SLP jackets are less "luxury starter pack" than mmm offerings is baloney.
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