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RE: Story et fall I was just in contact with the owner yesterday and he tells me they are discontinuing the cemented models and are taking orders for the next batch of welted models. They are quick to respond through email.
Black Carol Christian Poell Tornadoe Boots SZ 8 These need no intro. Horse leather with minimal scarring. Ill have to dig up the tag because I don't remember what material code these were.These are without a doubt one of the coolest things Ive ever owned, but my wardrobe is just a bit more tame these days and they don't get much wear. For the price of $1000 USD you could help give these lonely boots new life! White Guidi 698 SideZips. Dirty White SZ 44 fits size...
Sold one a while a go and it's the only thing I ever regret letting go:( So I'm on the look out for a good condition black calf or lamb variation in sz 48. Please save me from buying this thing at retail, you're my only hope! Thanks for looking!
+1 on sizing up. I can wear a 2 in a lot of visvim stuff, but I was lucky enough to snag a deckhand for cheapish in a 3 and it fits perfectly.
hey @Thurston Bros any word on how size grading is going? I'm just getting antsy
I have no ethics. send me your leather
This thread just keeps getting better. I don't know how you guys keep doing it, but you do.
Actually let's not.
Are these the loose-taper jeans? If so how'd you size them? I keep reading about people going down a couple sizes or so. The measurements on the site seem to match up with that information, but i'm still skeptical.
I have a pair in horse and had a bison pair. Horse in size 8 and bison in sz 9; they both fit great with the insoles. I could probably do bison in sz 8 without the insole, but I dont think it would be as comfy. Im usually a sz 43 in most things.
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