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[[SPOILER]] Hey HooDog, What size is your Aero? Thanks.
[[SPOILER]] That's awesome. What store? I just moved from Albuquerque and spent just about every other weekend in Sante Fe while I was living there. The folks selling their jewelry on blankets around the town square said a lot of the stuff they make doesn't even stay in NM. It goes to Texas, East Coast or Overseas.
just email them please
Awesome. Thanks for your help.
How are people sizing their Merz B. Schwanen T shirts? Judging from the measurements it looks like sizing up might be a good idea.
I want in on these worm mice.
It looks like you mismatched your loafs. Was this intentional? Either way it looks good. Time to reevaluate my pantry.
Hahah wow Im a moron. It was mostly a name drop. I thought we were talking about GSW for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
For real. One time in college I smoked weed in the same room Klay Thompson was smoking weed in. So we're practically best friends. Go Cougs / Thunder!
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