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can people be banned from certain threads? This is one of few really unshitted up places on here :[ My Block list is getting too big. all I see is blocked blocked blocked blocked blocked
Thanks for checking.
Yeah come on jet, show him your bod already. Things are taking a turn for the weird. again.
I thought the next challenge was "Action shot, but on acid." Vice style.
Agreed, but let's not get this convo going over here
So excited to read 180+ posts. And I get this. Thanks for the posters keeping the kurta and other great discussions going.
Does anyone have alternative recommendations for suede zips or chelsea's in a similar color? The SLP variations are the only ones I can find that look decent.
[[SPOILER]] Make dinner for him at your place and then watch a movie on your couch. Then pretend you're getting sleepy and rest your head on his shoulder. But wait until there's only like, 30 minutes left in the movie or else you're being a weirdo.
IE Black Continuous trousers SZ 3 Similar to the ones featured on Hide-M measurements: waist 44cm hem 18,3cm front 28cm back 33-34cm thanks for looking
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