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That's why you don't pick old dudes coming off multiple knee surgeries.Despite what I said I have to agree with you. None of them really pass an eye test. The top picks have mostly been injured tho (embiid, randle, McDermott, parker, smart, Gordon, vonleh). Trying to think of a rookie I like and all I can think of is KJ. His contract negotiation was so damn smart. Hinkie is gnashing teeth right now. He's the exact kind of rookie they were hoping to pick in the second round
i think the reason people were saying it was such a strong draft class was because talent went deep but no definite future superstars. also even most superstars dont post amazing seasons their rookie years. usually they explode a few years later albeit with some exceptions. like the brow was considered a no brainer first pick future superstar but even he didn't a huge season his rookie season
Give it back and ask for rumple minze
The coffee is my favorite every year but I've always been extremely impressed with the while lineup. Just too lazy nowadays to go through the while ordeal when theres a lot of good stuff around
Dunno but it is pretty tasty. It does also have a bit of that young whisky brashness that some people don't like. Needs water for sure Bought a kavalan solist for a good price for Christmas. Can't wait
Already been discussed several times and the idea was floated to league executives but they rejected it. Grantland had an article on itI feel like it's been retweeted so many times cuz it sounds kinda like a shot at kobe but I agree with you a little. In and out of context it doesn't really sound like much. I feel like kobe needs an even older productive vet tho cuz he's not being a very good vetI don't think mirotic will get enough minutes to be ROY. He's only had impact...
You have to really like young sherried cask strength whisky
I watched the actual interview. It's kind of out of context
how's the hopworks stuff? it's in every store around here, but i've been craving a really juicy citrusy IPA around here and been pretty disappointed. boneyard rpm is the only one i've really enjoyed
handlebar? also i bought some more of that birdrock yemeni you sent me. it was really really good and lately i'd been thinking about it a lot so pulled the trigger on that and an espresso blend. going to send otc some of it once i get it
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