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Sounds like the best solution to MrG's problems is an excel sheet with pivot tables
Older movies have this quieter more tense atmosphere and pace that is harder to sit through if you've grown up with fast paced cuts every half second. Harder to sit through but more rewarding
I feel like drew only posts if people start hounding his restaurant. But then he only posts and tells people to not contact him through the restaurant. There is also just enough of an update to keep people somewhat satisfied
If you can't handle AY at his worst you don't deserve him at his best
I feel like the need for egality and fairness always fucks things up.
But you love blink182. I don't understand how you can call anybody else's music taste shitty
here I have a video that will cheer you up
What is up with the writing this season? It was never great but this season has been particularly atrocious
pretty sure it's a wig.
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