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And one on court design which I had never even thought about before. So that makes two. Zach and L'Ink
I don't really like it. Maybe was too used to the previous one. The mountains/crowns things is kinda cool I like how you appreciate uniforms and the design side of sports. Never met somebody like that
You're trying to use logic and reasoning on the wrong person
hoping warriors can beat off CP3 less clips in the second round. best case scenario but portland might go instead. would be fun either way plumlee is basically the draymond of the blazers. clippers trap dame or CJ and they pass out to plumlee who finds the open man
i love your plate and chopsticks and the chopstick resting thingy
Congratulations hyungnim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
curry. I going to cry
No. How is it? Worth the price? Forgot how much I actually like Irish whisky
A lot of calls went in favor of warriors too like draymond tackling Beasley and getting a non call or Bogut trying to rip dwights arm off
I love this fred
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