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i think the big problem/misconception is that the top 3, 4 players that get max deals are worth so much more than their deal that everybody sees the other players that get max but arent as good and think they're therefore not worth max when in reality the top 3, 4 skews everything. also a lot of good players get great contracts that seemed bad at the time, but turned out to be amazing deals eg curry, millsap, korver because they bet on the players future whereas other...
Has she not posted in awhile?
Who would sign with you when you're offering way less money than every other team out there? A ring is nice if you're Karl Malone and desperate for one championship before you retire but if you're the Spurs?
if you were the spurs GM zero players would sign with you. and then you'd have a ton of cap space and no players
i dont think what haralabob said is true. his point was old school triangle leads to mostly long range 2s. its fairly easy to modify the triangle a bit to make it more about 3s than long range 2s. definitely the way the bulls and lakers played the triangle would not be great today as the current knicks coaching shows. but both the hawks and warriors run a lot of triangle sets (mixed with other things like a motion offense) that are more about 3s than long 2salso kobe/shaq...
pretty much nobody can bring me down today. it was pretty fucking terrifying and heart wrenching for a few years
ah i see what you're saying. that is very true. ive never thought about that
heard some pretty great news today about my mom's health today so i've been very very happy
most of us dont have good ovens. i dont understand how else a meat is supposed to cook internally. i just realized food guy said insta-read. i dunno. i had cheap metal thermometers that were definitely not insta-read. took like 15, 20 seconds to get a read and were off by quite a bit on boiling water temperatures. was a real pain. a thermpen was probably a luxury, but made life a lot easier.
i've found that if you're cooking something in the oven a lot of heat escapes in the time it takes to one of those cheap metal thermometers to get a temperature reading which kind of fucks things up. and its not like you can get do a compression test (j. kenji wrote an article about steak recently talking about the compression test. i thought it was pretty cool)i havent bought a thermometer since a thermapen, but that thermapop sounds pretty awesome. sounds like it only...
New Posts  All Forums: