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Iunno. Westbrook is pretty ball dominant and not that good on off ball. But I guess so is Kyrie
To be fair he shoots over pretty much all the guardsOne more game!
Let's go dubs! 3-1 for the (oak) Land!!
Sounds like I need to make a trip
I thought a bock was a stronger darker maltier slightly hopped lager. There's maibocks which are paler lagers. I'm guessing they made a malty hoppy lager and the color turned out kinda light so just called it a pale bock. Speaking of bocks I'm drinking Weihenstephaner Vitus which is pretty darn good
uggh. that sucked. cavs defense was stifling tho. the one moment i clearly remember is dubs did that double screen for curry that they always run and lebron knew exactly when and to who curry was going to pass to and got a steal off that entry passes were hard to make. off ball and weakside screens were switched and defended so well. cavs had this kind of desperation on every possession going forward i feel like they should stagger kyrie and love's minutes whenever...
I've had it too and was also disappointed especially for the price
I think CdP got rid of their brett issues Had some dujac vosne romanee from a recent vintage and was surprised at how approachable it was. They also had sassicaia by the glass but it was 2013. Might still go back for some. Also some William Fevre Chablis which was honestly much better than I remembered.
Let's go dubs!
Holy What are you 12? Really? Youre sad you're not part of the "cool kids"? You're trying to dig at me by talking shit about fantasy basketball? I couldn't give a single fuck less what your record and my record is. Dear god are you a tool. I don't remember the last time I cringed this hard reading something Every time you say something retarded and I think it can't get worse you one up yourself. That's by far one of the dumbest things you've typed so far and shit......
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