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This is why you read in bed with a yellow light
Oh look an unbiased source sourced from unbiased sources in proper context with definitive proof of a massive conspiracy on Clinton, Obama, and the Democrats who are ruining our country As expected from our intellectual superiors with real opinions based on facts that the majority of other sheeps refuse to see or can't understand
I don't get people that prefer Aunt Jemima over maple syrup. I like Aunt Jemima. It's good but maple syrup is like Aunt Jemima mixed with cocaine
I would go to a bar and just try a bunch of 10 - 12 year olds and some NASes too. See which one you like and buy a bottle of that. I'm partial to Springbank myself. If you liked Highland Park you might enjoy the Glenmorangies too
I'm sorry. I'll keep things happy in the happy thread
I was in magnum and saw a bottle just sitting there but was a little pricey. I also saw some cocchi!!! Also very pricey grrr
Oh cool. That totally proves your point
Fuck now I need some Cynar. I hate/love you guys. I had a bottle of semillon sauvignon blanc that was great
It's such a dumb political ploy. You'd have to be a presidential candidate, have your seat up for re-election, or otherwise vote anonymously to have to vote/say you'd vote for for it. Oh wait that's what happened. You'd have to be a flipping media blind sheep to not see that and take it at face value
Right cuz opening up your courts for private citizens to sue other countries is a great idea. If SA were our overlords we would have passed the bill against all nations but SA instead of a bill targeting only SA
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