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It might be because porn is illegal in Korea and there are people who volunteer to delete porn every day. So they have to resort to wanking it to hot women stuffing their faces with pork instead of man
Yeah for me the hype around Block 15's sticky hands gets worse every month. Bottles always sold out immediately but at least it was around for most of the month on draft. Now it sells out on draft in a few days. It's pretty good and juicy but there's too much dankness/savoriness for me.
Is the rare barrel stuff easily available in california? I had soliloquy and I thought it was really good if a tad too sour for me. It's pretty similar to funky gold but funky gold is more well balanced
I think the Jazz core is going to be big. It depends on exum and hood's development and favors developing a better midrange game Otherwise warriors are actually relatively young (25-27ish) and about to hit prime . They're just going to need an elite defensive center to take over Bogut. Mo is not going to develop into that. I don't think Pelicans are ever going to get out of first or second round unless one or two of their young guards or wings take that big next leap...
I hope they resign Lopez cuz he's a big part of their defensive scheme. Achilles injuries are hard to come back from but they're going to get Matthews on a cheap contract. The one thing they really need is really nailing a draft pick or an underrated free agent that just explodes. Otherwise I think mediocrity in the west for the near future. It could even be a 2, 3 year project if he steps up as somebody else declines If curry can turn out to be a positive contribution...
Don't even. What if he gets injured in playoffs
Aryan God. Lol Kinda good thing Wesley went down, nic went through slump, and LA got injured. Gave lots of minutes to meyers, McCollum, and afflalo. They're going to be awesome next year (they keep blake and kaman right). Hopefully they can nail a backup PG or center with a late first round pick
Yeah how does that work? You'd have to worse at finish at the basket or at the midrange than beyond the ark
I think I'm already there
So we're not allowed to round? I wonder how many people are part of the 49-49-90 crowd
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