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i like the fabric on your suit. what are those wine glasses? i kinda like
the black blue joke gets old the second time you hear it.
if you whine a little more the red rooster company might read you and make you a sriracha for lazy bums and a blowjob to go along with it. wouldnt that be nicei'm so sorry to hear that. best wishes for your family
If you twist to close all the way every time you're done with it and wipe the top it won't clog cuz they have a little nubbin that clears the hole
Cuz you're a soft hearted pussy. I don't remember ever crying during a movie.
I don't get brunch
Well now we know he's not the terminator. Dude gets kneed in the face, gets skull broken, gets back up to play ball. Or the other day he steps on a guy's foot, sprains ankle, still tries and get game winning lay up in
Fresh wild caught from a farm
Oh my god I didn't think it was a bad bone injury. Thought it was some trick of light or something at first
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