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That sounds like my kinda espresso
If I had to choose pool or wine I think I would choose a pool of wine
Seems a little blond but maybe just the lighting
It seems like a lot of things have free shipping now even without prime. Haven't reupped my prime and thinking I might not even
Was so confused with the Piobaire Green Frog avatar change.
im jealous out of my mind right now
ohhhhhhhgoddamn. yeah... on league pass can't you change which commentators you're listening to?
that's true. i feel like media prefers scorer to defenders. i think noel will have a bigger effect on the game tho
I just had a video political ad campaign pop up at the same time as some lady speaking spanish on a video car commercial and clicking on it led to a Beats by Dre link http://www.beatsbydre.com/headphones/mixr/colr-light-blue/900-00275-01.html?cid=pd_Magnetic_300x250_Evergreen_US&cvosrc=display.Magnetic.300x250&cvo_cid=8299404&cvo_pid=112358788&cvo_adid=285479954&cvo_crid=59870985&cache=3481192446
i should do that when i ship stuff just in case bottles break
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