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Something so incredibly attractive. Would wife and create a new generation of overlords
especially 6:57 ish they're all so insanely hot
Ivanka is smoking hot tho. Would wife
I just realized that scrolling several pages back I was pretty curious what the educated well off conservatives in this forum thought of Trump but seems like they find this election a lot worse than most of the previous ones
Y'all argue about the weirdest most pedantic esoteric things I just wanted to know if Piob was going to vote for Trump
So are they actually going without a headphone jack? Maybe there'll be a battery pack type thing with a jack? I haven't found a Bluetooth earphone that actually sounds good and is worth the price.
Maybe the rye is MGP? I don't remember All I remember is the marketing spiel about Widow Jane is bullshit. The water they use to dilute somebody else's whiskey isn't even related to the Widow Jane mine. They just simply use water from the same aquifer. But to be constructive. Maybe try Rowan's creek? Willett pot still is a little bit fruitier and thicker. Both cheaper
Isn't it just MGP whiskey? Or maybe they found a new source.
this kid can ball. 5'10. he's really good at using jail, has a knack for steals, and rarely turns the ball over suns get such good backcourt players. they should engineer some trades with the sixers
Don't soccer players run only when the ball is near them? Like if you're attacking, your teammates on defense don't run as much In basketball everybody is constantly sprinting not just up and down the court but around and through screens, constantly jumping. Plus everybody is so much bigger than most soccer players. Centers especially tend to be the largest guys and have to travel the most distance since they have to linger near the rim.
New Posts  All Forums: