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Don't want to say anymore but PB would know best
Nothing. We just love our resident food person
Texture should be completely even and not look like scrambled eggs amidst a puddle of oil. Also start with one egg yolk and not two. If it breaks add another
Yeah oaked barleywine in unused barrels (light toast)
Not enough martinis
Ill have you know I was the first
One of the woodcuts is coming out in October and I think another batch of friek.
Any in particular to look out for?
well so far the Pliny is almost completely flat and the odells is totally flat. Pliny is two weeks old and odells is two months old. I hope everything else isn't flat. Thought it might be the glass so tried another glass and definitely not the glass. 30 min out the fridge so it's not the temperature
Well if Belgian saisons are your thing it's pretty darn awesome. Went to anheuser busch and odells today. Odells was not my thing although I hear their sours are good and I really want to try the fernet porter. AB was actually pretty cool. Just the scale of everything was awesome. The best part tho was the tour guide is somewhat a beer need and told me to go to a large liquor store nearby where I picked up these Pliny Almanac farmers reserve citrus New belgium la...
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