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Aw. I've been meaning to check it out
^ have you been to teh new goose island pubs yet?
so 7 plus or 6s plus? is jet black worth? i kinda treat my phones like shit or pixel?
Well to be honest I can only really think of one at the moment. Maybe two.
What do you think it means if you're brain dead and technically can't survive without machines? Does that mean you're no longer human? Cuz people in my religion say yes but I'm not so sure
Well you can always vote for the non presidential stuff on your ballot
Pinot noir, caviar, Myanmar
Wait you're a citizen now? And duh. Answer is obviously Minnesoooda dontchaknow
I can't believe Krauthammer wrote that. Everything was so reasonable I read so much of his work in college and admired him until I found out how firmly almost blindly entrenched he is in republican doctrine. Like he called the first debate a tie on national tv cuz apparently trump wasn't a complete douchebag just kind of one
what proof is there of any transgression deserving of severe punishment? how are you not satisfied after 2 years of investigations by the republicans, several dozen hours of hearings, several hundred pages of reports nobody is really going to read only to not be able to file even a misdemeanor charge? how many more years of this BS do we have to endure before a republican finally acknowledges there is no case here, we've been through libya, benghazi, the emails, the...
New Posts  All Forums: