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I thought you were like mid 40s, married, with kids
Only got to 33 this year. Not sure I want to get to 50, but that's not going to stop me from reading
If I did this I'm going to need several bottles cuz I'm not sure it'll end up in their hands
I want
I always check in the crack between the cheeks to see the color of the skin
next time declared value is going to be $10. obviously i got it on sale
Only reason pappy was so good for so long was the glut of whiskey in the 80s and 90s. Started using really good old whiskey in younger blends just cuz they had so much. If anything prices were depressed for a long time in the 2000s
Its only day 3 of Drynuary and its not funUggh customs charges are insane. I paid like 70% of declared value when I brought bottles in
Fwiu they're not made from the same ingredients or made it in similar ways. Climate is different, wood is different, upbringing is different, the blenders have different philosophies and tastes they look for. To me they taste extremely different. 15 years in Kentucky really isn't like 15 years in the Highlands
TIL girls call guys bros or bruh if they're trying to hint that they're not romantically interested
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