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jesus christ on a stick are you brain washed. how many alt right rags do you have to have pop up in your feed to start regurgitating utter bullshit conspiracy theoriestell me how much of the money the saudis pay to ther charity directly profit herhow does that even make sense. "we'll sell you $60 billion dollars worth of airplanes" "ok cool we'll give you $25 million 4 years later you can spend on poor hungry sick people"should we start talking about how the clintons are...
and you of all people would know how misleading that isalmost $100 million of that revenue was restricted that year, which doesn't really show up in a 990 because the government doesnt really care about how much revenue was restricted. they'll acknowledge restricted assets (p 11), but they want to know about (potential) taxes on everything you madeThis is an independent audit by PWC which makes things a little...
Jesus fuck what money for favors. Her organization spends 90% of their money on programs which is some of the highest for all NPOs. It's not like she pockets the donations. You know how I know? They fucking publish their IRS tax returnsWhat favors?do tell please what evidence there is of any kind of direct money for favor. Would love to go through this bullshit again
so between tax cuts and the budget deficit which do you think republicans care about more?
So Obamacare isn't getting repealed, wall is too expensive and will take too long, Iran peace deal will stay, Chinese tariffs aren't going to be 45%, he's going to intervene in inttnational affairs when it comes to the security of our allies, Obama and Hillary are people he greatly respects. Lobbyists are back in. And he's not even in office yet Does this also mean no tax cuts? Are we still still getting rid of the Departmentt of Education? Who's the liar again?
Any chance electoral college rejects him like the first time Andrew Jackson won? He's done a 180 on several policy positions already. Fairly certain electoral college was put in place to stop people like Trump from being elected
Trump is the dog shit labeled cyanide, don't eat. Now that we ate it we have to hope it's not actually cyanide
http://stats.nba.com/league/team/#!/advanced/?sort=NET_RATING&dir=1 clippers is number 1 in defensive rating and net rating by far
fuck the lakers, but i hope clippers make it to conference finals this year. please. their bench is somehow looking good...
there's like a 10 minute delay between when he gives the orders and they have to launch the missile. if he gives the go ahead they go ahead
New Posts  All Forums: