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the two albums i've been listening non stop as of late is the vince staples album and donnie trumpet and the social experiments (chance the rapper's back up band)
youre just not listening to the right radio stations if you want quality. some of these DJs and programs are cutting edge, really know their shit, and have been involved since the late 80s early 90s. obviously the shit that gets airplay is the stuff that's appealing to a wide variety of people not just the ones looking for quality rap my somewhat controversial opinion is that there has always been an element of hip hop has been booty poppin and idiotic. it's not like 90s...
will need proof in form of shoe circle
for sure. i agree so very much with that. my favorite bar memory was at some hidden bar in SF red light district. after chatting awhile the bartender offered a drink he was developing for a cocktail competition. it was some light fragrant martini like drink that was so incredibly well balanced and elegant.
^I don't know if this is you, but I find that most people who complain about the state of rap nowadays don't really listen to rap. They're still stuck in the glory days of ATCQ, de la soul, and mf doom or some other backpack type sentiment and don't even realize 1) how short rap careers are 2) they've made some solid contributions since then that get ignored. just want to sound intelligent by ragging on the current state of affairs when it's really not true at all. rap...
I don't really like ordering off the menu to judge a cocktail bar because that's totally dependent on the bartender and not the bar. At least with stuff on the menu it's standardized among all the bartenders. I find a lot of the young bartenders kind of over estimate their ability and palate to create something new on the fly. A lot of unbalanced duds. My favorite bartenders have been ones that recommend and make a more obscure drink that they've made many times before.
what about tobacco tasting nicotine water vapor that you can inhale what's the SF stance on that
Ah man. Morning coffee and cigarettes sounds amazing.
^had to drive through half inch snow in atlanta. either that or had to spend the summer in NYC subway
i try and check before i buy cuz i've unintentionally bought a lot of duds, but it's so damn annoying. every brewery uses different locations, different types of dates (the julian ones are the worst cuz you have to look up the code), and some dont even have them so you'll be standing there googling freshbeer and brewery name and looking all over the bottle for the date (which generally is tiny print in the same color as the bottle) only to find out that there isn't a...
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