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This is a nice twist on the omniscience, omnibenevolent, omnipotent dilemma
Oh man I took a brief look at the half bottle section lol. Still not too bad. And yeah you'll pay way more for the famous baller stuff
Dang that list is nice and prices are awesome
You can't just skip to the wanna bang part?
Me too. It doesn't have that smoky flavor but they brown better
Tinder was so much work
^and obviously skewed He was practically begging evangelical voters and Mormons to vote for him
I did this for a lot of them. Some of the colors looked off. Some of them looked wrong from a design standpoint (the Bucks antlers).Also had no idea it was Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club. Also was ashamed I couldn't remember if the Celtics mascot had a pipe or not
Q.Q For awhile there I thought you guys were getting married
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