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If you like the way your body looks just find brands that fit your aesthetic. I'm resigned to the fact that I'll have a thick legs and large butt even at lower body fat but realized I kinda like that thicker aesthetic. Also I might like the way skinner fashion looks on other people I myself don't look good in skinny fashion. Figured that one out way too late.
^its super fatty tho if you're trying to cut Thanks for all the advice guys. Really appreciate
me too. really like WCS. has that fire. and with Cousin's new found range really helps the team out on both offense and defense. he could be like DJ with better free throws and better defense also myles turner has been killing it lately
If you think that's hot af maybe living in RI has really lowered your standards
handgun practice sounds like fun. don't bullets get expensive tho?
boban is really talented rookies this year are so good
i know the english dude you eat it in a lot of different ways. like in a egg pancake thing, fried, marinated, etc
i know this dude. my best friend regularly makes appearances on the channel. they're really big in korea. the few times i went out with them we got mobbed. he and his friend quit their day time jobs and do this full time. they basically travel to korea every month or so to shoot videos. kinda amazing that you can make a career on youtube.
is he memy shooting has gotten a lot better but somehow in games i mostly do floaters
so just mental cue?fairly certain my start isn't too horizontal. i do sumo deadlifts tho. have to squeeze my butt hard to get out of the holemy shoulders drop as in they drop forward like they feel too relaxed when the weights are high and i'm not thinking.not sure if the issue is cuz my hips or hamstrings or tight or my quads are weak or i just to need to concentrate on keeping the butt downstrength comes back pretty easy. i went on a two week hiatus not lifting or eating...
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