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wtf bosh stays with heat whyyyyyyyyyy. you would've been perfect in houston
we should start our own coffee company and specialize in full city and fully city plus. darker roasts, up dosed, at boiling water, extracted longer. we could hire joshuadowen and AY as consultants
wtf? isaiah thomas is heading to the suns? why??? they need a stretch 4 more than anything and a center.... are they getting rid of bledsoe?
well i did say $2mill a year earlier. yes it is the essence of risk but you're trying to argue that it was easy for lebron. it's not. even you admit it was risky
Yes. The DE I had was sherry finished but the sherry isn't overwhelming (is it sherried every year?). Pairs very nicely with that honeyish character JW 18 is prolly one of my favorite whiskeys ever (and a good value still if you can find some) so I am kind of biased.
Would you leave $2 million on the table? Definitely isn't easy no matter how much you earn and my point was bigger than just the salary
good job bhowie (and happy birthday!)
sounds like you should just sleep on the couch
well he took $2 million/year less than he could elsewhere, so no it wasn't an easier path. also joining up with a three near max all stars doesn't mean it's easier. it means you play more minutes and you have less role players so everything's on your shoulder. plus after the decision there was tons of pressure for them to win championships.
So good. I think clynelish is my favorite distillery. Perfect summer whisky Anybody have any linkwood? Been eyeing the FF bottling
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