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Didn't expect the bulls to bow out in the first round but good for Washington. At least john wall will get to go second round
But the article points out a lot of recent champions that have used ideas core to d'antonis system. The last three champions haven't used a traditional lineup Randy Wittman just iced his own player. Nullified a 3 point shot by calling timeout
D'antonis system worked well last year and after linsanity when mike Woodson used the exact same sets but the team started playing defense better. This year woodson abandons d'antonis system and now they suck (also they lost their good 3 shooters) Nets also don't have anything common with traditional lineups. Their tallest center (without Lopez) is 6 11 and on the skinny side. Their front court is small and their backcourt is tall
Congrats brah!
I was thinking maybe they sold the two bottles to somebody else and didn't want to own up to it.
I read somewhere that playoff teams that lose their first game at home win 64% of the time at game two. So pacers seem to be pretty pissed they lost the first game that badly. All starters sat down so it looks like a done game. Hawks are prolly happy that they won a game on the road
But presumably you could calculate how many bottles you bought by looking at how much you paid
Wow they're retarded. Why couldn't they pull up the sale on the spot?
some of the guys in RHET do it. it's a form of intermittent fasting. i used to do it. just eat a small lunch and a big dinner and coffee for breakfast. it works pretty well to lose weight
Anybody would do a better job than Woodson Melo was a top 7 player this year even on a shitty team where offense broke down after one pick and roll. Imagine what he could do in a setup that gives him easier looks
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