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looks like wes matthews might be out with achilles injury. good thing my korver for wes matthews trade kept getting rejected. guys in sf league hate trades
I'm not a big fan of the Frankenstein look and he says it negates the functionality of the lower m65 pockets. I've wanted a Gibson ma1 forever tho and prices go up every year. I love the length on that thing
I know I'm way late but this William Gibson interview was greathttp://www.rawrdenim.com/2015/03/william-gibson-interview-buzz-rickson-line-tech-wear-limits-authenticity/
Why do they capitalize some words and not others? Seems random
shoot 28% all season and makes game tying and winning threes
Oh my god this Blazers clippers game. Chris Paul shoots for a game tying layup, literally goes almost below the rim on the inside but bounces out, buzzer goes off, deandre gets rebound and stops cuz he thinks game is over but it was the shot clock buzzer not that game buzzer. He still had 0.7 seconds to get ball in and his hand and the ball is right next to rim
Honestly I thought curry should take it and harden is close and more valuable to his team but with the way westbrook and lebron is playing I just don't know anymore I already got a kind reminder but please next time I reply to idfnl tell me that I'm being a fucking retard
that reminds me i never replenished my supply of byrrh. im also a big fan of mixing byrrh and red vermouth and sparkling water. also an orange peel if i'm feeling fancy
i think my favorite post prandial respite is some vermouth or cocchi americano on ice with sparkling mineral water. a peel of orange or lemon if i'm feeling fancy
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