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i actually also enjoy them, but it's not worth the price to me. i'm not a big fan of rice in beer. i feel like all it does is lighten the body.
Hardaway jr might be taller but I think it's weird how his dad was so much better. You would think great players have great genes to pass on to their children. Okc should get Brian shaw over brooks
who's wubelieves? i want to offer but i want to discuss. i hate that you can't pm managers through yahoo i'm not high on beal sorry. coming off injury, efficiency is below average. i'm not a fan of the way the wizards are coached kinda sucks that a lot of guys have just stopped bothering
i think it depends on the winemaker, but it's pretty damn hard to make wine without sulfites (also considering there's already sulfur in the grape skins). a lot of them strive for minimal sulfur tho and generally only add at bottling cuz they have other stuff to prevent odd bacteria and yeasts during fermentation.
apparently rudy gobert's standing reach is 9 foot 7 inches
found a bottle of maker's mark cask strength and i have to say it's pretty damn awesome. also got to try a willett 10 year old and it was so damn good. i feel like willett has been hit or miss for me, but this one was a knock out
yeah i feel like winemakers that espouse natural wines have better wines because they put more effort into it and the wines are better but not necessarily because it's natural. they still use fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides, but they use natural ones which means they need to use a whole lot more of it.
isn't it named after the liqueur?
it's odd tho. none of the legacy kids are kids of the best players. a lot of the best nba legacy kids' dads kinda languished in nba and/or then went abroad. and the nba legacy kids of superstars are kinda languishing in the league. makes you wonder if like demarre carroll's son is going to be next superstar
i like hassan. i think len was the aggressor, but i'm saying i could see how each step was somewhat reasonable.
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