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WARRIORS!!!!! 16-0!!!!!
The only stuff that's not bad at all in the outlets are the men's clothing. Suits with hand stitched everything, spalla camicia, pretty decent fabrics on the cheap. The variety and quality of suiting and shirting fabric ms relative to price is really nice. Streetwear type stuff on the low end kind of sucks and on the high end can be nice value.
Nothing really. I'd check out lithium homme and system homme if you find yourself in a department store. Some pretty good value stuff. Been liking a lot of the bombers I see
not to be a dick but I would go to K&L (aren't you near LA? Or is that kid nickels) and ask for recs (if you're not in LA I would go to whatever good wine store is near you). I would ask to speak to somebody knowledgeable about Pinot Noir and ask for something with some age. It's really hard to say what you have available near you at what prices and whether it would be a good deal. Probably more productive to ask for wine store recs here rather than wines themselves....
He has this kind of grace about him when he has the ball. But also so much aggression on the offensive rebounds.Anybody remember SAS's rant about him and how Phil Jax has zero experience as front of office and how they've been bamboozled, hoodwinked, blah blah blahDude is looking even more retarded than everI'm still traumatized about what happened last year against the lakers. You never know.
Just one more game!
Porzingis looking like he should've been the number two pick. This class is by far one of the best in recent years
I want to be supportive but I also want to respect her space. I just don't know what to do. When my mom had stage three breast cancer all I could do was call her every once in awhile. Now that I can do something I feel guilty for my not really being able to do anything. Maybe when she's stronger we can arrange a visit. She said they're going to do a round of chemo and then excise the tumor and another round of chemo. Her doctor said the prognosis looks good tho.
My friend has stage two breast cancer. Work is giving her 6 months off but looks like she might need a year. So not only does she lose a year of her life she might have to quit her job. We also can't visit her because when chemo starts her immune system is really weak and the doctors don't want her to have outside contact We hung out for the last time yesterday. I'm really devastated. We told her we'd get through this together I don't know what that actually means. Her...
Went to that upright takeover. Goddamn bottles of the gose for $40. I don't think it was more than $12 in Oregon. 4, 5, 6, 7 all really good tho. The one with dark malts (6?) is really good as is the hoppy 7. But they were selling cantillon for unspeakable amounts of money (but not that much more than the gose) which I shelled out for cuz I'm a goddamn fuccboi Really good. Not worth it by itself but the company made it really fun. Much more sour than I remember. A...
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