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Ugh hack a Howard Somebody tell him he can't make them cuz he has terrible form and he should turn his feet 10 degrees left. So many great shooters around him you would think he would ask them for feedback and help
I liked the shot of him going against triple teams and just muscling through. Why does Portland have to play Houston in the first round? They should be both going to the second round
Apparently Gwen Stacy makes two babies with Norman Osborn. What? Soooo Emma stone and Chris cooper?
I hope strong belwas still appears
The 30 for 30 on the bad boys was really great. I didn't realize how crazy the fouls were. Kinda glad that era is over. It must've been pretty fucking scary to play against them tho Bill lambeer sounds more like a douchebag than Isaiah Thomas.
howard is such a manchild
Oh man just realized you can legally watch espn shows on their app for free if you subscribe to cable. To think I almost paid for stupid league pass
That's really weird
The copitas would deffo work for sherry. Those are nice. Riedel has stemmed tulips that I like. Thinner stems. Just looks more elegant.
Get tulips!!!! IMO the flare in tulips helps redirect alcohol vapors away from your nose which makes for a more pleasant sip. Wine glass alikes do the opposite which I don't care for
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