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what? so the study authors conclude that the ones making above 700k will be paying the most and anybody making less 300k will pay almost nothing and we have to trust your word that actually the middle class will pay for it because... it's your word? your best guess?i feel like everytime you have a discussion with somebody you always accuse them of strawmans... im not even attacking your position. simply clarifying mine. my original point was that only a small percentage...
http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/publications/analysis-donald-trumps-tax-plan/fulli dunno about you but 1.3 million for the 0.1%ers seems a tad dramatic for me
i disagree. my point is out of all the households in the US it's an extremely small portion that are able to leave an estate much less pay estate tax on it.the cool thing about your conjecture about who will be affected is that a few organizations have already done the calculations so you dont have tohttp://www.taxpolicycenter.org/publications/analysis-hillary-clintons-tax-proposals/fullhttp://taxfoundation.org/sites/default/files/docs/TaxFoundation-FF496.pdfso looks like...
i didnt get the whole "she's hiding 33000 emails" vs "she deleted all her emails not given to FBI". how are you supposed to release deleted emails
i like how lester pointed out there's audio and video evidence that trump is lying and essentially trump's response is no you're lying
isn't hillary's whole tax plan basically raise tax on rich people to fund all these programs? and trump's tax plan is basically tax cuts for everyone but especially the rich even tho we wont have money to fund anything anymore 600 households out of 125 million.... i looked up some research center that said 20 households in 2013.
The "I vote for Trump cuz Hillary is going to raise the estate tax" seems rather out of touch considering like .2% of all households will pay any estate tax and like maybe 20 households a year pay it
Let's get a drink sometime with @marvin100 at magnum
I like this SirReveller persona. I like how he keeps calm and acknowledges other people's points without throwing a hissy fit. Good job whoever's sock he is
Paul Pierce is retiring after this season
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