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liking the 2.14.15 batch of enjoy by. on the malty side and a little too bitter but pretty good. loving the hop juice flavors
$1 refills for pourovers?
it led to this article about fred franzia. i felt like i was reading that article about the CEO of abercrombie
you should try one of those light therapy things. they're not that expensive. might be the shorter days.
If you have 5 Crawfords its pretty likely at least one of them will go off on any given night. It's weird how they have amazing transition offense but one of the worst transition defenses. You would think they would know better
I wish kanye would stop singing and ruining songs. Ain't nobody want to hear your crappy voice croon
Lol. Phone automatically moves to last post. Didn't think to scroll up. Did you buy in the states?
That really sucks if private barrels are limited as well cuz I'm not a fan of the regular single barrel
Depends on what you need. Whitesides free throws are pretty bad. Pretty much most his value is in blocksJennings is out for the season which really sucks cuz Pistons were genuinely fun to watch. Also coming back from achilles is pretty hard. Pretty much lose all muscle in that leg and rehabbing takes forever. I dunno if he'll be explosive like before. I hate injuries like this. Wish the league would play less games
He also goes out of bounds
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