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bruh if i call you out on some retarded ass statement it doesn't mean i'm personally offended (i dont even own TOJ anymore) or my pussy is dripping with salt and sand or i'm drunk or woke up on the wrong side of the bed. it doesn't mean we need some long deep emotional conversation over PM. it also doesn't mean you need to go back and doctor your original remarks just so you don't sound as retarded all it means is you made some dumbfuckery of a statement. double riders...
You think ToJ really ripped off lewis leathers? Congratulating yourself on your back for having better taste and knowledge are you? So retarded. Go read up on double riders before making ignorant snide derogatory remarks about stuff you know jack shit about
an oblivious tool which just makes me sad and full of pity
Where's the rolls eyes emoticon Dear god are you a turd
All solid pickups jodhpurs especially. I like those sweats too. Also the moleskin Bedford. Also the geller stuff
We (or Fok) decided jokes about spouses and GFs and children is off limit right? I'm so badly tempted but I will restrain
Happy 10 year anniversary! We love you too!
Water and Budweiser
OMG that would be fucking awesome
BruhDamnI hope you guys don't mind quoting and reposting this. Great postSomeday I will make that trek to Ebenezer. It'll have to be more than a long weekend.
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