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pretty sure it's a wig.
ddukbokki is pretty sweet thoi could really go for a bowl of kong guk su right now. or a simple bowl of janchi guksuevery three years or so i will try a white castle burger only to tell myself never again
ah that's true espn should offer the bballbreakdown guy a show. better post game breakdown than the talking heads by far zach lowe made some good points in his article today. i think it's true that the next big thing in the nba will be a post game by wing players or big with good passing skills and enough of a post game to take advantage of a smaller guy this was my favorite curry move all series smh dwight howard getting boxed out by curry
turns out lebron doesn't even need two other superstars to get to the finals. just a really solid cast of players around him
loved this article about roberto anselmi and soavehttp://www.wine-searcher.com/m/2015/05/breaking-up-the-family-for-better-wineswhy do i feel like the same video/article comes out every 6 months. still waiting for the backlash article
There's three big religions in the series. There's the old gods that people in the north believe in. they inhabited the weird looking trees and are the same gods the old little people used to believe. There's the 7 which pretty much the rest of westeros believes in. There's a militant sect that follows the 7 which used to be armed until the Targaryens disarmed them and cersei rearmed them. Then there's the lord of light which is a relatively new religion that came from...
Gawdamn. Almanac makes such great sours. Definitely high on the acidity but not vinegar level. I need a case of this I feel like sours are such a great food beer. The carbonation and acidity goes well with such a huge variety of food. Pretty much anything fatty or salty.
goddamn it Neo i thought you're out a week or two if you have a concussion
what are you eating?the only korean snack i know is called soju
first time i've seen them in oregon. is there a difference in sourness between the two orvals?
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