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I like drinking virgin Cuba libres to take the edge off
Did you click the link?
That was fantastic!
That's a really cool concept but the pattern needs a lot of work and they don't have the customer base for data on how to do that.It's oddly proportioned in places, the collar looks awkward, weird bulges especially in he arms.Even if I had $1500 to drop on a jacket that may or may not get delivered (ahem) I wouldn't drop it on that for another three or four versions.
i thought you were joking at first. holy shit that's awesome
anybody have the lagunitas citrusinensis yet? it's fantastic. highly recommend. pure joy in my mouth
would drink if tasty but the health part sounds like bullshit
Mr. G has been on fire lately
genuinely enjoy this show. only show i look forward to on sundays. i've stopped watching true detectives and that show with jack black on it
I'll help. Sending you an email
New Posts  All Forums: