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Cigarettes don't kill people. People kill people
I notice the same but I feel like in general they're all very careful about what they post on social media. Only one friend posts pictures of the night sky of nyc on the weekend with something along the lines of "another weekend at work"
I like cigars. Love the taste. It's nice to sit outside, relax, puff on one for a while with some port or scotch
That's one of my favorite cheeses. Hard to find one properly stored that hasn't been sitting out for a year and gone to shit.
I vaguely recall something about him getting kicked out of school. I would imagine he didn't tell his parents about the particulars and simply said he got hit while biking because I can't think of an intelligent reason why anyone would sue given the circumstances
A year ago my brother hit a biker while driving on a highway. Turns out he was a freshman who got drunk, high off his balls, and decided to go biking on the highway to get home quicker. Cops arrested him and told my brother to go home. I think the dude ended up in the hospital but nothing serious. Today my brother called saying his family is suing my brother and it seems like it's going to a huge headache cuz my brother was driving a rental Hertz car and didn't opt for...
Yeah he needs a stern lecture about ignoring what people say and just going on with what he goes on. That's outrageous
I like the act of smoking but hate that ashy taste and smell on clothes afterwards
Yeah jax and wallace. Their defense was first in the league by drtg At first I was like why is Vince blocking dirk? Then I remembered they're not on the same team anymore
Piobaire cranky I laughed hard at the facial symmetry is attractive to me I think Kira is just going through puberty. I was pretty awkward during that phase and still pretty much am
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