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no the young'ns need vets to develop mozgov and deng should stay. it's not like the extra cap space is going to be so useful to them when the cap blows up again. unless they can get something that's worth it. you can always sign some vets for the minimum i guess you guys think kupchak got fired cuz they wouldn't trade ingram for boogie? heading to the states to watch a warriors-clips game and a blazers-thunders game. super excited
I always drink coffee with plenty of water. I don't like the ashy aftertaste this is effin hilarious
What if this is the new Melo and Stoudemire
I disagree. they have plenty of picks in upcoming years. They're going to be like celtics or raps. Contending for deep playoffs with high picks still headed their wayThey need a back court and this upcoming one is chock full of them. Besides that all they need is continuity for the young'ns to gel and understand all their offensive and defensive setsPlus they have McConnell. The white Damian Lillard
Any of the Alpine or Russian River stuff. Prolly not available in Wisconsin
Embiid will.for sure
Ain't that the truth
Yeah but they're basically like the bourbon version of independent bottlers for scotch. I don't quite understand the backlash amongst bourbon afficianados. There's a skill in tasting and blending I think they should proudly accept it and display it instead of trying to shyster by
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