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jesus h christ
Snake jacket fit is ass Too narrow for your hips in the front and back. Bunching behind the shoulders. Can't believe its custom
Yeah I want to know how the conversation comes up "Oh hey what's going on" "Not much just polishing my dick off to some pictures of dead girls. You?"
uggh blazers gonna get swept too Oh shit I might take that back Or not G-d save us all. Tony Allen can all of a sudden make layups again Wow I just saw the end the Bucks game. Derrick Rose...
the hell? nets won a game? each game has been a little too close for me
Half inch is like half a size or whole size especially on sleeve width
Yeah but no way Memphis lets him go
I think I misunderstood earlier. It's not a $7 million rookie pay cuz his rookie contract is up in year 4 (this season)In year 5 (next season) until he signs an extension his contribution towards the cap is $7 million. It doesn't mean he gets paid $7 million. That's just the amount the cap takes a hit (ie a cap hold)I'm not exactly sure what happens to the cap after kawhi signs the contract (I'm guessing it goes up by the difference) but until then the Spurs (for a few...
he's a restricted free agent next year (next year as in next season) and his salary only counts as $7 million towards their cap. i think i misunderstood and miswrote the cap situation somewhere, but that's what i understand. i think the given assumption of that $7 million figure is that the spurs sign him later this year.http://www.48minutesofhell.com/for-kawhi-leonard-its-been-max-or-bust-since-day-1i read the same somewhere else. i am a little confused as to why it's a...
yeah but the point i was trying to make was that this and next year they are paying kawhi his rookie deal. my understanding was that if they gave him an early extension they would have had to pay that increase in salary next year. kawhi is owed $7 million next year, whereas if they gave him an early extension they would've owed him $16 million next year.if they pay him $16 million next year it means 1) they can't offer a free agent max money 2) they're paying him $9...
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