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Just do it by volume then. Doing by volume will give you batch to batch variation but it's a lot more easier (it sounds like your pitcher thing doesn't have clear markings for volume but I guess you can use a measuring cup)I've found you have to leave in fridge for several days to get a good extraction. Also a lot of flavors don't get extracted at fridge temperatures. Leave outside for a day or two and simply pour over ice to chill. 1:1 is really strong anyways and you...
70% of sales is scotch?Have fun! Post updates!
You got the job?(They own reyka????) [[SPOILER]]
What's this early bird deal you mentioned in the original post?
Darn that sounds like fun but prolly won't be in the bay by then I'm going to forgo zwanze day. I've already had rose de gambrinus and the gueuze. The place I was going to is selling tickets the day of on a first come first serve basis starting at 10 am. Sounds like a total shit show. Highly doubt they have permits and the room for people camping out overnight. They actually expect people to physically line up for tickets. Cuvée florian and st gilloise sounds good tho.
I have no idea how much water you're actually using but use more coffee. I do 1:1 by weight and then dilute it with ice and more water if need be (which only happens if somebody else wants to drink it too). Also don't stick it in the fridge.
I think the only reason ppl give for not storing vertically is that it dries out the cork. But the c02 should help with that since lambics aren't still wine The caractere rouge is great. I think it's their Flemish brown macerated with berries. Highly recommend especially if you can get at motherland prices. Anybody heading to a zwanze day event? Think I might try to make it to LA for zwanze day
Article is bullshit methinks. It's not saying beer cork is different than wine cork. It's just saying that cork naturally seals out air and fluid which is obvious. It seals out most air but anybody with aged wine or scotch or beer will tell you ullage drops a little so corks aren't perfect. Also if you've ever opened a wine bottle and looked at the bottom of the cork you'll see the cork has indeed absorbed some fluid
From what I understand liquid contact with bottle caps might lead to rust if exposed over a long time Beer is a lot more similar to champagne than still wine and champagne is supposed to be stored upright because supposedly the pressure from c02 provides enough humidity and protects from oxygen (I think there's a study out there done with 5 champagne houses and a few thousand bottles) I would imagine it's the same for lambics but lambics have far lower pressure than...
Went to this small distillery in golden (called golden moon distillery) on the rec of a shop owner in Denver Didn't take good pictures at all but this was by far my favorite tour ever They have the tiniest production I've seen. Two pot stills one from 1933 one from the 1950s. The former you get 17 L of distillate out of 100 L fermented beverage and 10 L of tail from previous batch. And then they cut out just a little as the head because most of their beginning...
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