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how's the hopworks stuff? it's in every store around here, but i've been craving a really juicy citrusy IPA around here and been pretty disappointed. boneyard rpm is the only one i've really enjoyed
handlebar? also i bought some more of that birdrock yemeni you sent me. it was really really good and lately i'd been thinking about it a lot so pulled the trigger on that and an espresso blend. going to send otc some of it once i get it
yes. i thought there was something wrong with the dude, but now it kinda makes sensethat was a great story. i loved reading the little anecdotes. my favorite part was the germaphobe part and the part where all the celtics order shirley temples because rondo orders them [[SPOILER]] the thing is rondo is really going to help mavs offense, but it's not like they needed help on offense. also monta ellis is not a great off ball shooter. he needs to be running high pick and...
anybody catch this last night?also this article on adrian wojnarowski was pretty entertaining with a clear bias. that last paragraph deserves a bit of a facepalmhttp://www.newrepublic.com/article/120572/adrian-wojnarowski-how-basketballs-reporting-machine-gets-his-scoopsthis gem of an anecdotethe mavs story prolly broke just as the executives got off the phone call and before they even had a chance to tell their staff or inform their own players
really? not even small ice grains?im not talking about chunks of ice. like little slivers or small grains. it happens as bits of ice break off as you stir, which happens even if your stirring is so good it makes no sound. i dont like the way it looks. kinda surprised at the pushback
Boston will send Rajon Rondo and Dwight Powell to Dallas for Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder, Jamar Nelson, 2015 first-round and future second.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) December 18, 2014 dang it still dont know how to embed tweets came here to specifically complain about the rondo trade honestly i'd rather have jameer nelson and brandon wright than rondo not to mention the draft picks. rondo's been pretty bad at defense the last 3 years never mind the health...
If your whole team doesn't shoot many FTs it's not hard to get lucky with variability One of my leagues one guy drafted harden nowitzki and drummond which looked brilliant but unfortunately drummond hasn't been doing well
Even if you stir very carefully you'll get tiny little grains of ice in your drink. True of all the stirred drinks I've had at all the top bars because they all single strain stirred drinks with a julep strainer. Maybe, you know, look at the drink next time you stir one? Really not hard to get grains of ice. You realize liquor is generally mostly water and you need water to open up flavor? I think the hard shake motion is BS as well but the idea that you should shake to...
I feel like the Spurs past few years is somewhat of a counterpoint. I mean clearly 6 rookies aren't going to win a championship but I also feel like you need a team more than you need talent. Heat didn't start winning until their team played as a team either.
I'm not talking huge chunks of ice. I mean like little grains of ice that float on top that ruin the view. It's a minor nitpick but I think enough to double strain. people don't want their gin bruised but want their drinks clear right? You really don't think ice crystals can add a nice texture to drinks? You don't agree with the hard shake philosophy? I don't understand how stirred drinks are more about texture than shaken drinks. Shaken drinks have microfoam from the...
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