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what's your opinion on self loathing hipsters that are cooler because they moved on to the next hype trend (the current one is soooo last year)?
do you notice a difference from using a paper filter? the idea is that more oils get in the cup right? tried another cup of the coava kilenso and this thing is roasted too lightly. i think my grind was too fine last time and i ended up overextracting it and the bitterness hid some of the acidity. guess i'm just going to have to order handlebar online
First thought was "never knew piob was an apple fan"
Wow that's a lot
Yes. I wouldn't recommend the mazemen. IMO over seasoned. The shoyu is unbalanced. Shio best by far and the best lighter style ramen in the city. It's not piping hot burn your tongue slick and oily tonkotsu ramen tho if this what you're used to and prices are a couple dollars more expensive than ippudo and totto with smaller portions
I've heard he's not banned just very busy
Haven't been to moda center in a very long time but I highly doubt a hot dog or beer is $8. I'll prolly be here next weekend saying you're right and what bullshit it is
He's said the forum software can't do stuff like limiting the number of threads you can make when you sign up, a waiting period before you can post, and other solutions others have suggested
Blazers warriors tickets are a fourth of the price of blazers okc and blazers cavaliers tickets. I'm thinking the cost of a blazers bucks ticket is going to cost less than what they're selling hot dogs for. Really excited to watch warriors and blazers on a screen at the arena in uncomfortable chairs instead of at home on the sofa (Looks like blazers bucks are >$8. So a hot dog and a beer)
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