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i thought varejao still had a year or two left. realistically if they trade for Joe Johnson they have to give up varejao in addition to the haywood contract. they're also not signing Joe Johnson. They still have to pay him the $25 mill the hawks signed him for
cavs signed mo williams. and also still looking to sign JR and Delly. Also they're going after Joe Johnson or Jamal Crawford. I feel like with luxury tax their salary will approach half a billion dollars. Their lineup is insane 1 - Kyrie, Delly, Mo Wiliams 2/3 - Shumpert, JR, Jamal Crawford/Joe Johnson, James Jones, Miller 4 - Love, Lebron, TT 5 - Mozgov, Varejao
ah that's trueyou can definitely tell the refresh rate. It might not have been enabled
I think they would try and use the Haywood contract to sign some center (dunno who) cuz the contract is not guaranteed and waiving it would give them an extra $10 million in cap spaceLin is too valuable for minimum
Would the warriors have won the finals without Lee? He gave them a quality lineup last three games Praying to the basketball gods that the Mavs make a sign and trade happen with the Lakers for Jeremy Lin. Looks like they just signed JJ Barea Michelle Roberts trying to use new TV money to get health insurance for all players former and current. Dunno specifics but apparently some players have been having trouble getting health insurance to cover their broken bodies Also...
Frans does truffles. Theo does bars. Theo doesn't make very good chocolate. I'm sure the tours are fun tho Starbucks also opened up a new reserve roastery and tasting room downtown. Big fan of some of their reserve coffees. They roast some pretty good African coffees
You don't want higher refresh rate. Most of the TV shows come out looking like soap operas. Most people turn it off
finally got around to buying cocchi rosa. i like cocchi americano a lot more. there's a nice balance in it that i like. this just tastes like cheap wine sweetened with flavorings. it's rather too in your face
everybody forgets warriors played big for all of regular season and all of playoffs until the last 3 games of the finals. they used the super small lineup really sparingly. that's what makes the warriors so dangerous. they can play whatever style suits the matchup the best
thurston bros is also in seattle
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