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i have the blood lust for maggie
I don't trust their palates even if they are industry leaders and I also don't think a massive blind tasting is the way to figure out which bourbon to label "the best". You're drinking a small amount of several dozen very high proof whiskeys. That's just not the way most people consume their whiskey. I find that drinking my way through a bottle is a very different experience than drinking a shot of something at a tasting or at a bar
yeah it was. i can think of a few things i didn't like but they were within reason. much better than the midseason finale [[SPOILER]]
I think a vintage tete de cuvee champs would be pretty nice. Ask your local high end wine store. We can recommend things but your locale might not have it
knight tweaked his ankle again. might not even be back this week
I love the concept of the characters and the concept of the plot elements they introduce but the execution is just fucking retarded. You know almost as if they took a great piece of writing and butchered it trying to translate it to a new medium There's just enough good elements to draw me back in. When it's good its fantastic
God that really sucks. Cancer is the worst.
Bartender was nice enough to switch it to an upright gose. Goddamn delicious. It's a little maltier than traditional german goses and the lack of filtration adds a nice creaminess in texture I really want to ship this to nahneun but I don't think growlers travel well
Orangerie is gross but isn't it meant for cocktails or something?
Oh my god. I'm having this mort subite white lambic and that iron taste in blood is exactly how I would describe the finish. The front is nice and full of soft ripe peaches BJCP says a low ph will strip off the nickel coating in pipes and reveal the metal underneath. Makes total sense http://www.bjcp.org/cep/Metallic_Flavors.pdf
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