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Yeah you're not a politician unless you've changed your mind multiple times
We were drinking wine then somebody busted out a bottle of JW blue. Killed that bottle then went for more scotch. These were pretty good. The right one was an 11 year old glenmorangie that was honestly quite delicious and tasted more mature than I thought. I have a vague feeling that I've had it before. The one on the left was a 26 year old balmenach which I've never even heard of. There was also a new hot bartendress but a little old and plasticky. She was telling me...
I'm not either but now I want to read bukowski
I'm annoyed I have to make the trek back to get a refund. Which I just realized they might not cuz I don't have a receipt
Went on a long trek to a used bookstore. Saw and bought a copy of Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose. Just realized I already read this and watched the movie too
What do you mean by fresh? Like fresh out the anus? The poop taste wasn't in your face but the after taste was very unpleasant. I still have a bag of it sitting in the cupboard. I guess to each his own
I've had real and fake. They taste like mild dried poop. Or at least what I imagine mild dried poop would taste like
Trump's definitely not an unknown
All I know is lighter roasts should be more finely ground cuz they tend to be more dense. I've tried 200 plus water and also trying to over extract a little and I haven't been able to make them work for me. Immersion style brews I think are the way to go especially for lighter roasts but it seems like every cafe I go to disagrees with me
Korbel! Jk. It might have been Germain Robin or St George. They both have some really old brandies (relatively speaking). Lots of 15-18 year olds. Just kinda exhorbitant
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