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they already have been using the magical formula. their strategy was whoever is guarding roberson leave him alone and play 5v4 defense instead. but roberson has been making his threes.
Most podunk bars use mixes. They just probably don't explicitly say on the menu. At least it's not as bad as "handcrafted pork ribs" or "handcrafted beer"
That's me
Was kinda surprised at how ISO heavy the Spurs this playoffs was. Felt like it was mostly LA and Kawhi ISOs
The Irish coffee downstairs is the bomb diggity. Also no wait
Why don't they just have harden at the 1 and just get a wing... instead of pat bev... No way they get rondo. Rondo is useless without the ball in his hand all the time Lawson was useless in Indiana too
He had a ball thrown at his balls and was out for awhile
i fear for your liver. you should send some of those bottles to me
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