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lol whoosh
i've already said nobody no matter what deserves physical violence to say that all victims no matter what undergo physical violence without cause is ridiculous but yes it doesn't justify or excuse violence
this whole stephen a smith controversy is retarded domestic abuse is a serious issue, but to claim that every single time it is always the abuser's fault no matter what is ridiculous. it's true that no behavior deserves violence, but it is also true that in some cases the victim does something that causes the response of course who knows if that is the case for rice, but this level of backlash is just stupid
i didn't realize how addicted to SF i was until the issue today and last night. kept checking SF every 5 minutes only to get a redirect issue. you would think after the 2nd or 3rd time i would learn, but no i need to stop
if it has ginger beer you can't really call it a margarita. more like a buck
you should befriend them
eating lots of calories will make you fat. it's not about whether or not it's a fat (although its easier to overeat fat than say protein)
from what i understand langhe bianco can use a lot of different varietals. i had a langhe bianco from vajra that was made of riesling. i think arneis and vermentino (its called something else there tho. i forget what) are the more traditional grapes 2011 thibault liger-belair bourgogne. I think les grand chaillots is to indicate its a lieu dit but not too sure. thicker and richer than i like in burgundy and its 13% but its quite nice. i think i paid $25. has a little...
i don't even know what this means
U shape? so more briquets around the edges?
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