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why is that meat pie plot idea so familiar
Who are they even going to rebuild around? Mirotic and Portis?
and kanter. provides post ups and threes, just not the defense which adams can cover
super proud of my boys for all the great games they had this year and work they put in. sad that it came down to this, but we'll get another ring next year happy for cleveland. it felt awesome last year. can barely imagine what it's like to be in cleveland right now. must feel pretty damn good. happy for love and JR and richard jefferson. finally get one. love and JR especially played defense like their asses were on fire i hope barnes and ezeli tanked their value...
Warriors players don't even consider themselves a jump shooting team. They keep saying they're a defense first team. Last year they were overall first in defensive ratings. This year they were fifth and that's mostly because their bench and garbage time players played half their fourth quarters. They're forcing Lebron and Kyrie into bad contested shots only they keep making them. And also they keep getting in the paint when Draymond isn't there to protect it. If they had...
I vaguely recall an article talking about how those ticketmaster fees go to the artist who want to set low prices to give an impression that their concerts are fairly priced. Ticketmaster gets called a shitbag instead of the artists.But I also vaguely recall that the person who claimed this was a former CEO
it's just odd that every single game in the finals so far has been a blowout
and this year he's been super efficientdeserved it last year too
ah you haven't heard?
2nd quarter is going to be a tie. we gone come back in the 3rd quarter and finish strong in the 4th when bron bron and kyrie from tired of carrying the offense. I'm sorry RJ this is not the year. love's gonna have an amazing game, but not enough.
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