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Thanks bros. Made it in time. She passed away quite peacefully surrounded by family. Appreciate your thoughts, wishes, and looks like the mojo came.
Thanks bro. Stuck in morning traffic. Is kiling me
More Hibbeldy Jibbeldy than pissed But found out my grandmother is about to pass away. I stayed at work until late to make sure I had what I needed to finish work over the weekend and rushed home on a train and now I'm kind of regretting doing even that. Should've just come sooner. We've known she would pass away since last December but I think my brain just put it off until now. I don't think it hit me until my mother told me to come dressed in black and I started crying...
you cannot make this shit upwell you probably could. but sounds like an snl skit
oh my god this kid. is so fun to watch.
oh Breitbart is rightwing media? I guess that makes Fox slightly left and CNN close to being the voice of communism. Communism News NetworkOh I'm sorry. I forgot you only watch and read and believe stuff that confirm what you believe
the level of self delusion you need to believe this is just outstanding
nah you haven't heard? fox news is a scam perpetrated by our jewish lizard overlords. you have to go to the real media like The Anti Media and the Right Stuff not to mention the staples like Breitbart and real reporters like Alex Jonesall these sheep following MSM. tsk tsk
maybe you haven't heard of this thing called statute of limitations?also maybe you've never had to report sexual assault but the process sounds like it really really sucks
I don't quite understand how you could think it's not a journalistic duty to publish brand new alleged Trump victims testimonies from 20,30 years ago yet never stop harping about the Clinton victims testimonies from 20, 30 years ago that have been discussed to death since the other Clinton presidencyIt's almost like you don't have the bias or agenda that you accuse everybody else of havingSuch admirable intellectual consistency. Would expect nothing less
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