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you're going to start a beer distributor?
If ping pong balls went just one differently warriors could've gotten cousins instead of udoh
He is so coachable. Changed up his style this season when his coach, who he had a rocky relationship at the start, asked him to. He's shooting threes. He's running the floor IMO he's a high character guy but he needs guidance from somebody he respects on the floor and Rondo is great for him. You never hear about incidents with Cousins off the court and he's really beloved in his community. Attends local high school football and basketball games. Lots of charity events....
Nene Gortat lineups were your bread and butter before playoffs last year but yeah nene can't keep up with more nimble perimeter shooting fours.Cousins is great. Only thing I really don't like is when the call doesn't go in his favor he pouts, doesn't get back on defense, and kills both possessions. I think part of it has to do with them just constantly running the floor
You guys have been really injured tho
You're the best. Some quality posts as of lateHe works out disputes by sharing 90s hip hop clothing made for black empowerment? That's weird
So what do you think it has to do with?For me the UI is more intuitive, graphics are cleaner with less clutter, and whatever I'm looking for is easily filtered. It's like browsing yoox for used clothes
have you tried the concentric circle method? i honestly dont really notice a huge difference between that and just dumping the water in and stirring
The negative effect for red meat is probable but minor. the beneficial effect for vegetables and fruit is also probable but less minor. imo as long as you consume both you're fine.
The Elo system used to be used for chess rankings. It's also how 538 decides probabilities of wins for their sports forecasts.
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