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Just received my two ties from SH -- very pleased with the results. Both are 55" long, 3 1/4" wide, and constructed for 4IH knots. The grenadine (Slate Blue) is a 4-fold construction and the linen (Powder Blue) is 3-fold. Photos were taken outside, in the shade, and appear to be true to color (on my monitor at least).
Studying all the online mtm merchants, this is the same conclusion I've reached. Much better $/value than proper cloth IMO.
Of the two considered, I like the jos a bank better. The shoulders on both seem a little...funky but the sleeves/body of the JaB seem to fit you better. Also the collar on the RLGL sits very high on the back of your neck. Good job keeping it classy, they might be lesser quality brands but you'll still be better dressed than most "men" 2-3x your age. Every purase is a learning experience.
+1Is there any reason you're not looking into a traditional navy worsted? The fashion statements you posted are for little boys, this is Men's Clothing.
I'd advise against a black suit for a wedding, unless you're also celebrating the death of bachelorhood.
A volcano in the break room?
I like the idea of a very formal workplace, though I know this is totally unrealistic: City suit w/ tie on Mon-Thurs Friday suit (playful textures, patch pockets, etc.) w/ tie on Fri Odd Jacket/Trousers w/o tie for any weekend work No heat in the winter -- wear your flannel Oh and everyone staying after 6pm has to change into formal wear -- what are we farmers?
Under their guarantee, they claim to have yet to make a remake for any of their customers. To me, this doesn't say that their measurements/tailor is perfect but rather that those purchasing MTM items will have a difficult time dealing with customer service/returning an item in the event that there is problem. And let's face it, there will always be issues ordering MTM online, even if you are being measured in person. They mention "premium material" a number of times but I...
+1I've noticed even in a ~50/50 cotton/linen shirt, the feel is still very linen-y. I've been on the lookout for maybe a ~75/25 cotton/linen blend but these do appear to be few and far between.
It's hard to tell with your arms like that.
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