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The wooden standard production lasts that have been used since...forever. Reasonable people disagree but consensus seems to be that the new, non-wooden, resin-based lasts fit at least slightly larger than their predecessors.
@robotmitli D - perfect for you 😁
EG Dover on D202 in Burgundy Antique Utah with Dainite soles, size U.K. 9. EG's Utah leather is a patterned variant of Delapre - a supple, waxed leather from the Rhine valley which ages handsomely. The shoes are new in box. Never worn. Ships with original box and dust cloth. Shoe trees not included. Add $20 for Insured Priority shipping in the US.
EG Ecton on the 888 pre-resin last in standard E width, size U.K. 9. The color is Burnt Pine Antique, which is a great complement/alternative to Dark Oak and ages beautifully. The soles are single rubber fitted at EG before they switched to the current R1 rubber sole. Again, this pair is on the wooden production lasts and has the classic 888 fit. The shoes have been used 3 times indoors for a total wear time of 1 1/2 hours. Ships with original box and dust cloth. Shoe...
Received the Carlos Santos Field Boot and have to say these are really impressive. Incredible value at this price point for a beautifully well-made boot. (Unfortunately I may have missed by half a size. PM if you're interested in a UK9E. I'll be going with 8.5 myself. Skoak looks to be entirely sold out already in all but one size).
Need moar OTC Mediums
I think last Whiskey orders were +£50 premium
Which suede is that at mrP? https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/edward_green/banbury-suede-chukka-boots/612899?ppv=2
For your consideration, a new pair of Rosewood CC Galways for Holland & Holland on F64. A truly special makeup for the world-renowned British gunmaker Holland & Holland, these country calf boots feature the famous Veldtschoen construction for maximum protection against the elements. This Veldtshoen stitchdown method combined with the full bellows gusseted tongue make the boot nearly impervious to water and an excellent choice for hunting, hiking, commuting, and...
Very kind of you mr monty. Very kind.
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