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I guess whether I decide to purchase a RLPL is first of all what it has to offer and price comes very close after. I do buy RLPL full price selectively - depending on its exclusivity. How do one justify purchasing luxury goods with the price tag that comes with it? A hard question to answer. But exclusivity plays an important role to some (in my case, it does), so does quality of the product. If RLPL decides to increase its price, it better be done so with the quality of...
I have a black (I know..) 100% cashmere Z Zegna blazer and love it to bits. Never seen another one like it again with Z Zegna. Their fabric is a either hit or miss for me.
I am happy to advice over PM if you are still uncertain abt authenticity of TF ebay sellers.
Thanks pravda. I was just putting on for a fit pic for a client. So I thought I'll just post it here. I certainly can't pull this off anywhere, not even pitti!Thanks TtownMD. I have been neglecting my G&G lately..... timely reminder! I am currently eyeing on a few G&G's; just waiting to pull the plug. Aside from G&G, I have been hard pressed to find other brands of shoes. Berluti's are nice, but doesn't float my boat. I certainly don't just rock TFs hopefully in time, I...
Certainly love the fit, the colour and the fabric!*thumbs up*
Soz for late reply.. cant find any manufacturers tag.It would be nice to know.
That KNOT is GOLD!!! lol
Dont mind the break on the trousers; slanted shirt collar - impromptu pic! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Coxsackie. Yes, with the windsor cut, it captures that distinctive Tom Ford look. I might be wrong, but the O'connor might have lost some of its Tom-Ford-ness if that makes sense. Yes the trousers is a tad long - I have too little fabric now to cuff it. It would have been nice cuffed. The pocket square is a bit of a 'peacock' puff in jest. In general, I usually go for a white linen ps.I missed out on the recent Harrolds sale. They rarely have my size anyways so I...
Amateur selfie.. [[SPOILER]] Was supposed to let go of this suit - Fiancé says NO!
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