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Once a year, master tailor from Tom Ford visits Harrolds for MTM. Costs runs from AUD$ 7,000 - AUD$12,000 and above, depending on fabric. Takes 6-8 weeks. Give Harrolds a call if interested. Ask for James/ Marco for advice. And no, I am not affiliated with them or whatsoever.
It does come in Euro 44/ US 34 because I have seen it in stock before and I have 2 suits in that size (I usually wear Eu 46). It may appear they do not stock them in that size. It is odd as I saw that size in Selfridges before, this year and the year before.
Unique fabric. If it suits you and wearing just for occasions, just buy it. Make to order an extra pair of pants if concerned abt wear and tear. $1.2K for a pair of pants shldnt be any issue given your collection of TF suits. But check fabric availability. Quite a number of TF fabrics from previous seasons are no longer available.
I feel for you and I hope you get it sorted. There will be no way they will replace you with a new jacket unfortunately.
He does other job nicely but he is just not familiar with tailoring shoulder work for TF suits. All these at my own expense. Not happy at all. I would always approach with caution when working around shoulders. It is better to work on end of the sleeves than to meddle with shoulders. That is why majority of RTW TF suits in boutiques have unfinished sleeves. Again based on my own experiences, even then, depending on how picky you are (u have to be when purchasing such...
I had a TF suit messed up by a highly regarded tailor (prev a MTM tailor for E. Zegna) after a sleeve alteration from the shoulders. The robing of the shoulders in the TF were wrecked and it never wears the same again. Never allow anyone to touch the shoulders, no matter how 'experienced' they are unless they made the jacket themselves.
Thanks gentleman. This is extraordinary.
Andrew, great interview. Enjoyed the read. The Rake is one of, if not, the best gentleman's magazine available today. Not that you already do not know that. Thanks once again.
Talking about an aggressive cut, I know Wetherby has an aggressive cut on the jacket (matched with clownish pleated pants which I am not a fan of) but has since been discontinued.Did you by any chance see another cut another than a windsor?Having a browse at the made-to-measure book recently, there is Spencer cut that seemed to have a more aggressive look than the windsor. I am guessing it is a Base B? The lapels are wider like the Wetherby, with the pants a tad slimmer...
Windsor is Base A. A size up/down is a huge difference. Consider wisely.
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