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Tentatively I do not have size 15. Soz!
Just added the measurements. Thanks!
Fit Y, I believe is the O'connor cut. It is slimmer and of a more modern cut as opposed to Fit A which is more of a classic cut. I just bought the Tux you were talking about and I believe there is slight difference in terms of cut between a Tux Fit Y and a normal suit Fit Y. At least I thought there were differences. The leg opening is ever slightly wider in the Tux. I am not sure how well Fit Y suits are selling but the fit is a bit off for me, with exception of the...
Never heard of Austin cut. How different is it to Anthony?
I began to walk away from Tom Ford when he started making O'connor's suits. His windsor collection has been lacking. In the past 2-3 seasons have been a deviation from my tastes these days. Undeniably I still admire some of fabrics in the collection. Majority of things have been a miss. This one is no different. Apart from the shoes and the occasional shirts, and formal tux wear, I am looking elsewhere.
Max verre is one of the makers. Not sure which other maker but i highly doubt ferragamo makes them.
I hereby present to you Megathread of TOM FORD suits of rare sizes/ fabric/ patterns of all sorts for your consideration. These suits have been sitting in wardrobe and most of them are NWT and others are hardly worn (*Below are a list of a few. More will be listed up.**Below prices are only for the suits/ suit jackets only. Hangers unfortunately are not included.***Prices includes shipping anywhere on the globe - only for SF members.**** reserve the right to close the sale...
Once a year, master tailor from Tom Ford visits Harrolds for MTM. Costs runs from AUD$ 7,000 - AUD$12,000 and above, depending on fabric. Takes 6-8 weeks. Give Harrolds a call if interested. Ask for James/ Marco for advice. And no, I am not affiliated with them or whatsoever.
It does come in Euro 44/ US 34 because I have seen it in stock before and I have 2 suits in that size (I usually wear Eu 46). It may appear they do not stock them in that size. It is odd as I saw that size in Selfridges before, this year and the year before.
Unique fabric. If it suits you and wearing just for occasions, just buy it. Make to order an extra pair of pants if concerned abt wear and tear. $1.2K for a pair of pants shldnt be any issue given your collection of TF suits. But check fabric availability. Quite a number of TF fabrics from previous seasons are no longer available.
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