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I am happy to advice over PM if you are still uncertain abt authenticity of TF ebay sellers.
Thanks pravda. I was just putting on for a fit pic for a client. So I thought I'll just post it here. I certainly can't pull this off anywhere, not even pitti!Thanks TtownMD. I have been neglecting my G&G lately..... timely reminder! I am currently eyeing on a few G&G's; just waiting to pull the plug. Aside from G&G, I have been hard pressed to find other brands of shoes. Berluti's are nice, but doesn't float my boat. I certainly don't just rock TFs hopefully in time, I...
Certainly love the fit, the colour and the fabric!*thumbs up*
Soz for late reply.. cant find any manufacturers tag.It would be nice to know.
That KNOT is GOLD!!! lol
Dont mind the break on the trousers; slanted shirt collar - impromptu pic! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Coxsackie. Yes, with the windsor cut, it captures that distinctive Tom Ford look. I might be wrong, but the O'connor might have lost some of its Tom-Ford-ness if that makes sense. Yes the trousers is a tad long - I have too little fabric now to cuff it. It would have been nice cuffed. The pocket square is a bit of a 'peacock' puff in jest. In general, I usually go for a white linen ps.I missed out on the recent Harrolds sale. They rarely have my size anyways so I...
Amateur selfie.. [[SPOILER]] Was supposed to let go of this suit - Fiancé says NO!
Poor quality iphone pics. RLPL 2015 drake... RLPL 2016 drake
Just returned from a trip to London. Dropped by Old Bond Street Ralph Lauren flagship store and I was informed of the same news - that the black label and purple label are merging together as purple label under Luxury line. Anthony/ Nigel, etc from black label will continue to exist and carried over to the new purple label. Drake will continue to exist as RTW; and Savile Row will only be available as MTM. Not sure about Hollywood and other purple label suit cuts. The...
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