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No problem . You also got me thinking about the shopping spaces, so, some pictures from Yohji stores around the globe. Flagship store on Rue Cambon in Paris, France. Designed by Sophie Hicks. More info here and here. Images via Sophie Hicks' website. Y's store in Tokyo, Japan. Designed by Ron Arad. More info here. Yohji flagship store in Antwerp, Belgium. Designed by Wim Goes Architecture. Slightly more info here. Yohji flagship store in NYC, New York....
They are great shoes indeed .Well, the list on the front page is pretty representative of the various online stockists at the moment - I think. As for brick and mortar stores, I got those ones from Maxfields in LA. They didn't get that many shoes in for last season though. The flagship stores all over the world have a good selection of course, and it is possible that Barney's might also stock Yohji footwear.
Found this interview on NOWNESS. They interviewed both Yohji and Zidane on Y-3.Rest of the interview hereAnd this one over on The Fashion Spot by Claudia Riedel -Read more: Yohji Yamamoto: " I Hate Fashion " - the Fashion Spot click
Hmm, while I do agree that it looks really good on large people, I am not sure I would go as far as to say it looks "better". I guess everything does depend on the individual item of clothing and the personality of the person wearing the clothing as well. I consider Yohji one of the best ambassadors of his own clothing and he looks great while being a pretty skinny and small guy.
Thanks guys!Snow - Got home pretty late last night so just went to sleep . Here's a shot from the runway of the shirt I was wearing thoughShirt/Jacket hybrid - [[SPOILER]] GoSurface - It's an iPad case from Hardgraft and is the first iteration they did of this case for the iPad 1 also in felt wool and brown leather. I love it! Need to get a new one though as I got an iPad 2 and it doesn't fit exactly the same.BreezyBirch - Thanks man. The shoes are actually Yohji as well...
[quote name="snowmanxl" url="/t/164384/the -waywt-discussion-thread/60555#post_5156056"]edit: at ivwri: need better pics or at least details!! pants look nice[/quote] Will see if I can oblige once I land. Just boarded a plane. In the mean time - all yyph. Shirt is shirt/jacket hybrid from aw11 and pants are same ones with buttons I wore before with combat boots.
iPhone camera x poor lighting x mobile photo editing software = pretty grainy pic :/ Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
Thanks for the thumbs and compliments guys! I am now waiting for the obviously MoK x Yohji collabo. It will be killer.Agree completely. Like shah also said, it's more about the mindset than anything really. Just a quick glance through his runway shows and random fit pics online show a wide diversity of body types and people wearing his clothing. The one thing most Yohji people I have seen seem to share is a kind of inner confidence and/or not taking themselves too...
At a wedding reception, not wearing anything that interesting .
Stills from 4.1 THE MEN (all images via fashion-press.net) [[SPOILER]] Clearer video here
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