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It's only a matter of time Thanks Haha! Great stuff. When do we get to see pics? Drew PM'd me and said he has been able to get my first order from SS12 Can't wait for pics and delivery!
Wow, that's a really nice knit. Someone should definitely pick it up.
The Mihara collection is really nice. I've always been interested in the clothing but have never found anything in my size. Sigh.
Thanks man!I bought this primarily for use when I travel having said that, it is not that warm and could work here in some places (like here or during the rainy season & harmattan in some states).
Thanks man.The shirt is actually just cotton and is wrinkled Everything's Yohji and as for the pants they are actually folded and buttoned above the boots. [[SPOILER]] EDIT - Just saw asobu's post. Jacket is sweet!
Yup, most definitely. It's going to be a challenge to not go for broke between the two collections . The silk pieces from SS12 seem to be the highest priced items so far, averaging at 140k+ yen. I wonder how many of those will make it to the sales. There are two silk pieces that are on my "must buy" list so might have to cough up the dough somehow, but the wool and cotton stuff is not bad. Is anybody else getting some pieces from SS12? I am definitely picking up the...
X-post from Yohji thread -
AW04 shawl collar coat. Didn't wear it out, but wanted to play dress up take a pic for archival/sharing purposes before heading out -It's a very nice 100% wool gabardine and feels lighter than it actually is once worn. The drape is excellent. No buttons so it must be worn open and it has two slits near the shawl lapel that can be used to access trouser pockets. The positioning of the pocket slits also accentuates the shawl collar in a great way so it looks even better with...
Damn, seeing this in motion and hearing the music made me like it even more. Loved some of the surprise details shown behind the clothes. The collarless assymetric jacket with the button in the center looked excellent and so did the elbow details on a few of the coats. Great stuff. The visual theme of "crossroads" was also very well done I feel. The idea that the archetypal Yohji man is forever restless yet bound to things like cities, towns and villages (as most...
Finally found a video for AW2012/2013. via Stylezeitgeist.
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