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None of the US retailers have gotten their stock for this season yet so I don't actually know how they compare. I do know that Japan is supposed to have the cheapest prices overall though.Maybe asobu or wire could shed some light on this?
Oh yea! Now that wire is onboard, I can step this thread up to phase 2 of the master plan.
Caveat - If it's any help, I have the first and last coats on my wish list . But overall, I think it depends on what exactly you're looking for. The cut of the khaki brown-colored coat looks pretty interesting actually, just not in an obvious way in the video it looked pretty cool. And also, the surprise cubist elements at the back could make for interesting conversation at least. If you are looking for something long, then your choice is an obvious one I feel, otherwise,...
Thought I would share this article on the sapeurs of Congo, a sub-culture of men dedicated to dressing in the best suits and accessories from the best designer houses. Posting it here specifically because of this quote -Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903927204576574553723025760.html#ixzz1kbaTDZlpSuch an awesome description of Yohji's clothes . I am sure he would approve
Not really sure whether I am allowed to post the scans on here, but I have the complete Spring/Summer 2012 Japanese price list and release timetables. If anyone is interested in having it, shoot me a PM and I will send it to you.Also, my first pick ups from SS12! [[SPOILER]] They're still with Drew in Japan, but should hopefully should be with me in about two or three weeks (getting them sent to the UK as it's cheaper) The hakama pants that came out this month are in some...
shah, we definitely have to hang out somewhere. Let me know when you and snow make it to Dubai Thanks for the comments and thumbs. Glad you liked Yam's Teger do come again.Well, I do work for myself so I wear whatever I want and my family is generally into clothes. Also, not many people really wanna piss off a sanctioned government assassin so they let a lot of things slide .
Good stuff asobu! Was just looking at that jacket online! Looks really nice. [[SPOILER]]
It's only a matter of time Thanks Haha! Great stuff. When do we get to see pics? Drew PM'd me and said he has been able to get my first order from SS12 Can't wait for pics and delivery!
Wow, that's a really nice knit. Someone should definitely pick it up.
The Mihara collection is really nice. I've always been interested in the clothing but have never found anything in my size. Sigh.
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