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iPhone camera x poor lighting x mobile photo editing software = pretty grainy pic :/ Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
Thanks for the thumbs and compliments guys! I am now waiting for the obviously MoK x Yohji collabo. It will be killer.Agree completely. Like shah also said, it's more about the mindset than anything really. Just a quick glance through his runway shows and random fit pics online show a wide diversity of body types and people wearing his clothing. The one thing most Yohji people I have seen seem to share is a kind of inner confidence and/or not taking themselves too...
At a wedding reception, not wearing anything that interesting .
Stills from 4.1 THE MEN (all images via fashion-press.net) [[SPOILER]] Clearer video here
Okay, more videos! This is for the Spring/Summer 2012 women's collection: Truly excellent collection imo and one that resonates pretty well with the Spring collection for men without aping the same themes. Loads of folds, loads of fabric all done in light materials. It is also a departure from what he has been doing for the last couple of seasons for women. His daughter Limi says that his women's line is designed based on who he is dating at the time . Anyway, loads...
And so it begins? Yeah, the city looks way too busy for me as well. Would be great to visit though...hmmm...maybe I should book a trip for the end of the year. October/November is supposed to be a good time?
Sweet! I really need to get off my ass and do something about planning a trip to Japan. I guess my fear is that I might not want to come back to Nigeria
None of the US retailers have gotten their stock for this season yet so I don't actually know how they compare. I do know that Japan is supposed to have the cheapest prices overall though.Maybe asobu or wire could shed some light on this?
Oh yea! Now that wire is onboard, I can step this thread up to phase 2 of the master plan.
Caveat - If it's any help, I have the first and last coats on my wish list . But overall, I think it depends on what exactly you're looking for. The cut of the khaki brown-colored coat looks pretty interesting actually, just not in an obvious way in the video it looked pretty cool. And also, the surprise cubist elements at the back could make for interesting conversation at least. If you are looking for something long, then your choice is an obvious one I feel, otherwise,...
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