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That sounds really cool. Would love to get my hands on that at some point.I am currently trying to decide whether or not to pick up the Obi belts from the current collection in a few colours or not. I have actually come around to the way they look, but I am undecided whether or not they will be nothing but a novelty accessory to be worn only with the hakama pants when I am feeling particularly Nihonjin, or whether they will be usable in other outfits. What do you guys...
Just looking at that page is giving me mild twangs of claustrophobia. I could never go spelunking and envy those that can because there's some truly beautiful stuff out there.
Thanks for the info Artking3. So that means that all the earlier collabs between Yohji and Spotted Horse have been YY sourcing their own denim and doing the actual design and cutting process while Spotted Horse gives them special treatments?Yeah, it's great, would like to find a shirt like that as well.I wonder what it is about the prints that draw me in, really nice though. Definitely keeping an eye out for some of the sheer print shirts now.
Pics work and it looks great! Once I get on my laptop will give it a better look. Good stuff.
Will respond better once I get to my laptop (android keyboard sucks sooooo much ). Please post the pics though, definitely interested!
Consider pact made. Now to figure out how to collect/verify blood signatures...
Glad you like! Glad so many people (more than I expected anyhow!) are happy with and contributing good stuff to the thread. Hopefully we won't end up descending into sales/sizing/where2kop questions and remembering the glory days while people gossip about us on RFT .
Men's fashion must still be a bit rough. It's telling that they shut down Y's for men and left Y's for women intact, all comes down to profit in the end. Sad though. It's possible the new money men felt that Y's had too much overlap with YYPH and a lot of legacy brand cache that wouldn't work with the younger Japanese crowd it seems they are trying to make YY inc relevant with. Keeping the name and repurposing it might also have pissed off/confused the existing customer...
Kinda late, but just wanted to chime in and say impolyt_one's been excellent to work with so far. Can't wait to get my stuff. Definitely going to make my trip to the Rue Cambon store later this year a lot less expensive .
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