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Thanks for the heads up sipang. I have been drooling over that paratrooper jacket for a while now so it is great to see it not only worn but with so many views as well. Price is eye-watering as I had been told. Lol. EDIT - Decided to add something a little bit more substantive to my post. Apparently the rings above the pockets on the "paratrooper" jacket are there so that one can attach the shiva skull bag to it (I am also pretty sure it is possible to use them in...
@jplay51 I take my photos myself most of the time. Self-timer plus a good surface to place the camera tends to work great. Other than that, my wife or rarely other people, just friends etc. @david Yeah! I think I forget about this bag often. Carry it everywhere now. Think I should look out for another one this coming AW13 season so I can do camera in one then other effects in the other hehe (I wish!). Wall will be introduced when it is good and ready Also, thanks for...
LTTP but great post Breezy.The rent payment thing makes me think of Nigeria in a way. In Lagos we have to pay two years in advance in most places :/. The state government made it illegal for landlords to do that any more, but apparently it does not apply to all parts of the state. Ridiculous.X-post.
Jacket - YYPH HT-J67-046 100% cotton (I suspect SS07 cos of the placement of a double row of buttons & button holes running down the side. Reminds me of some of the jackets with a similar outline running down their sides as well). Picked up this jacket off Y! a while back and truly it has become my go to jacket for everything. Goes best with cropped pants in my humble opinion, but it absolutely works with almost everything. Five buttons down the front with a clip at...
Really liked what I have seen of the show so far, but waiting until I see some video for a final "verdict". The colours, fabrics and layers are all pretty cool. Looking forward to handling this stuff in person . While I was looking for the show on YouTube I came across this gem, a video for Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Spring/Summer 1987 -
Thanks for the comments guys and thanks for the congrats fishbones (& the follow stitches. I see you ) Since sipang posted the link to my tumblr I don't really need to add anything I think .
Always cool hearing about how the aesthetics have changed over here.X-post from the Yohji thread. I am in love with these Cherevichkiotvichki shoes. So damn comfortable .
Damn shame it didn't work out for you Arche. Hopefully someone jumps on it. Very cool jacket! Killer fits over the last few pages. Particularly like your fit zapatiste/shah, the jacket especially. Good stuff. A small contribution . YYPH SS12 wool gabardine jacket YYPH SS05 l/s cotton tshirt ?? Y's wool gabardine cropped pants Cherevichkiotvichki cut-out leather shoes
Yup I believe so. Decided on what I want to upload so will put it up in the next couple of hours to sync. Hopefully not too many people have watched it and it will spark some discussion
Oh yeah most definitely! Presentation is all about how you want others to perceive you and I fully embrace that aspect of clothing, hehe. It is one of the main reasons I decided to pay a bit more attention to how I dressed again after losing interest in design and clothing after I was done with university. The good thing though is that acting and dressing a certain way can also influence my mood and perception of things which means I can also gain a little bit of control...
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