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My wife loved this. Excellent stuff as always Synth.
Cross-post.wireartist is in Nigeria working on a project with me so thought we would do some synchronised photos...might do one together at some point
And, so you don't say we haven't taken any proper pictures...we are rushing out now, so proper details later. wireartist YYPH Anne et Valentin YYPH Y's YYPH Clarks Moi YYPH Y's YYPH YYPH YYPH Marvielab
Yup David that is the new suit . Works really well I think. Arachne you are very right. Spotted Alfonso the minute he stepped out of the airport, hehe. And now for the further adventures of Alfonso in Lagos! This time he is confounded by a Yohji hat wearing skull... Alas, poor Shiva, he did know him...
First set of photos from wireartist's visit to Lagos! Nothing exciting (YET!!), consider this a teaser. [[SPOILER]] Also, wire's suit is epic. Spring 2000 goodness.Oh and great to hear from you Arachne. Please post more . Good to hear from you Bene, figured uni was taken up your time. Be good.
I recently had a sort of overdose on Y!J myself. Even though I didn't buy that many pieces I still felt kinda sick just seeing all the stuff available that I even thought vaguely about buying, lol (I am now officially on hiatus at the moment). I guess consumerism comes with the territory for fashion anyway, the key is to be able to take a step back and settle into enjoying what you have, giving away and/or selling stuff that you don't wear much any more (or were only good...
Thanks for the comments, thumbs and feedback guys . Almost didn't put the photos up for fear of being overshadowed by my little girl, but I decided to suck it up and learn to deal with it. @StevenE the wife and I are working on her Yohji debut. Probably take another year or two, but we will get there. For now, my sister is handling her wardrobe (among all the gifts we got/keep getting) so quite a few baby Chloe and Stella McCartney incoming
Nothing else to add kgfan5 other than I really like that look! Good stuff.David, great outfit as well. Love the 40s/50s vibe of the front pic. That hat is gonna take you places So this is my photo contribution for today guest starring my daughter and a new-ish look for me! [[SPOILER]] I just got these ancient Yohji pants via Y! and unfortunately, the cleaners I use decided to wash them in the machine instead of following the drycleaning instructions. Anyway, it resulted in...
Beautiful David, just beautiful
When I say it was more affordable, what I mean is that the barriers (both financial and creative) to entry were lower. The gatekeepers were not as entrenched and there was just not as much money to be made in the business as there is now. Now that commercial concerns are so much more pronounced and the entire system seems to require a hell of a lot more money to remain in business, it is very difficult to just focus on being a "starving artist" as it were. Unless one is...
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