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Definitely watch Masaaki Yuasa's Kaiba (looks like it is filled with kids, but it most certainly is not ). Can also highly recommend Planetes as well and Kemonozume (even though it has a messed up ending to a certain extent).
Some really great contributions in this thread. Really like your fit stitches. Good stuff . Was hoping to participate, but I was unable to take a good photo in the end.
Posted my impressions on the Yohji FW14 thread but quoting on here as well for thoroughness (pardon me I am currently a bit giddy about this collection, hehe).
Oh crud. I typed up this whole reply and it is all gone now . Guess It is for the best so I don't end up trying to express my thoughts on the collection and doing a bad job of it cos I am so pumped. In summary: Amazing. Genius. Comic. Zippers! Gothic accessories look nice (silver zipper pulls y'all). Layered pants look great and have some nice continuity with SS14 if my eye serves me correctly. If anyone can save images from Nowfashion.com showing the back of some of the...
On a side note, yea it is getting a bit much I think with the amount of people trying to make a quick buck off of the backs of a lot of the good work on here by the main posters on here. I understand where wire is coming from though and at the very least, if one goes through this thread the info can be figured out without just coming to the las page and posting. Even if you do not see yourself as taking advantage of the forum Hutch, there has been a recent spate of random...
Really liked the show! The zipper concept and the degree to which he explored it, some of the prints, the pants (or jumpsuits?) with the extra fabric that can be tied in front and the really loose pants and even the extrapolation of the SS14 double layered shorts and pants I think I saw in some of the photos, it all looked pretty crazy and punk in the best way. Yohji reminding the world that he is a genius! Will need to see video before any solid impressions can be made...
Thanks for making an Alan Taylor thread sipang. Very interested in his work and also that of Craig Green. The video for the MAN show made me a huge fan of the letters collection - those bags! - and the gloves Alan Taylor designed for his own collection are pretty great too. No love for Matthew Miller? Nothing groundbreaking, but pretty solid effort and what look like some nice pieces in there. E. Tautz was also pretty cool and I am a big fan of the jacket in the last...
I think I will try and participate in this challenge. Have a few ideas I want to try out .
Great stuff as everyone has said. I might actually have to go to this at some point so it is good to get an idea of the experience . So, Paris next? Make it happen
Great stuff! So sad I couldn't make it to Florence, guess I will just have to settle for vicariously enjoying the sprezz through you.
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