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Really like that Advanced. I have been meaning to start wearing denim again and that is pushing me a bit more in that direction. Will see what I can find. Today's fit. Apologies for the lighting, but I only remembered to do this in the evening. Peir Wu Merz B Schwanen YYPH Peir Wu x Snowman Ann Demeulemeester
We recently did a short interview with Peir for my store. My brother shot it at her London studio. Thought you guys might be interested .
Thanks and glad to see you posting too .EDIT - Killer fit Parker.
Been a while although I have been lurking on this thread for a while. So many great fits in the last couple of months. Most recently, @shah, those SS00 pants look really, really good there. Still need to pick up a pair of black suspenders so I can try to rock mine like that . Also @thatoneguy, the green on green is a winner to me and @diniro that is very cool as well. Here's me from today at my store - YYPH Levi's Red YYPH (no vis) YYPH Burberry Prorsum
Some really cool posts on here. Shame that LN-CC has dropped Yohji for this season due to their financial troubles. Looking at some good stuff from this season though, really liking those wrap trousers on those that have them . Nothing new here, but thought I would post (don't worry David, I still owe you a fit of "that" piece. Hopefully by the end of the week ) Coat - YYPH. Not sure of season or fabric composition as the tag was removed, but it is a very light and...
Yohji is really on fire this year. Also haven't had time to sit down and look through the pics, but on first pass, looks amazing. Love his play on proportions, shapes, and the form of the material for the duvet/blanket coats. Use of art in this is better than the men's collection imo. Good stuff.
Yup, I do indeed have that same pair of pants. Picked them up from wireartist and they are SS2000 as cupper said. Great pickup indeed. The one I am wearing in that picture is from A/W 2011. Great pants as well.
Definitely watch Masaaki Yuasa's Kaiba (looks like it is filled with kids, but it most certainly is not ). Can also highly recommend Planetes as well and Kemonozume (even though it has a messed up ending to a certain extent).
Some really great contributions in this thread. Really like your fit stitches. Good stuff . Was hoping to participate, but I was unable to take a good photo in the end.
Posted my impressions on the Yohji FW14 thread but quoting on here as well for thoroughness (pardon me I am currently a bit giddy about this collection, hehe).
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