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I think it was posted a while back, but no harm in refreshing the memory of the thread . It is very interesting to see Yohji's movement from these sorts of clothing and his view of women to the experiments he is carrying out now pushing himself to do different things and how this still holds up to a lot of his current output. I have always liked this view of femininity (and by extension, masculinity), as something intrinsic - as far as gender can be said to be intrinsic...
It should be interesting to see what he comes up with. The Umbro and Topman collaborations come to mind again and those seemed to have been in line with his whole design approach. The one thing that is really interesting to me about all this is that primarily, the Aitor Throup brand is a creative consultancy business. The "mainline" as it were, being nothing more than a showcase of his whole approach. The branding, construction and design cohesiveness. This whole...
T! Looking forward to roaming about town once you get in. Good stuff as always .Wore this yesterday but forgot to post - [[SPOILER]] Craig Green (wool felt. A bit warm, but indoors is pretty cold so works for me)YYPH (cotton)Y's (wool gabardine)YYPH (leather)What I actually wore today -Peir Wu (70% cotton, 28% nylon, 2% polyurethane)Levi's Red (100% cotton)Y's (wool gabardine)Marvielab (canvas, cork, rubber)Photo bombing model (leather, bone, speed force)
Thanks a lot for the comments and the thumbs guys . The coat is really cool. Anybody thinking about picking up any of the pieces in this particular fabric should definitely do so. Very light and has a great drape.
This outfit wasn't at all planned - I just threw on the coat over what I was wearing - but thought I would share anyway. First custom order from Peir. Peir Wu T by Alexander Wang Nigel Cabourn YYPH Burberry Prorsum
Congrats Stitches!
Have you had a look at Squarespace?Abasi Rosborough is using them as a platform and seems to be working out alright.
Really like that Advanced. I have been meaning to start wearing denim again and that is pushing me a bit more in that direction. Will see what I can find. Today's fit. Apologies for the lighting, but I only remembered to do this in the evening. Peir Wu Merz B Schwanen YYPH Peir Wu x Snowman Ann Demeulemeester
We recently did a short interview with Peir for my store. My brother shot it at her London studio. Thought you guys might be interested .
Thanks and glad to see you posting too .EDIT - Killer fit Parker.
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