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Had only seen this on my phone earlier, but this looks really good to me as well. Some great pieces and really awesome use of colour. Also, is that denim? ^^ (have been thinking about adding a piece or two from the Levi's Red buy on ln-cc and seeing this has pushed me over the edge, hehe) The lapelless jackets look outstanding and so do the wide pants and the overtly Japanese-inspired clothing like in this look. Damn, can't believe we have to wait so long before we can...
Just saw this interview posted on the Aitor Throup Studio Facebook page and thought I would share.A lot of previously covered material, but he does go a little bit more into detail on his process which I found pretty cool...and some football.http://www.kulbritania.com/en/news/691-aitor-throup-the-portrait-of-an-artist-interview-part-1Part 1
Not sure anyone that does know is allowed to say to be honest . You can watch the Dazed Digital video they put up of him setting up the DSM installation during Frieze if that helps a bit?
Apologies for the terrible photo, but I forgot my camera at home yesterday. Great submissions so far an great contest. Glad you guys decided to extend it! Abasi Rosborough Abasi Rosborough CDG Shirt YYPH Ann D
Hmm, not sure what to think about the new sizing. Guess I just have to make it to a store and try them all on. Won't lie, I enjoyed the convenience of being able to size most pieces blind, but I guess there were always things that varied in size from collection to collection. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up though shah and david! Finally, I have picked up the boiler suit from AW13!! It is exactly everything I was hoping for. The wool gabardine is great and works...
One-Piece gang Her: Kenneth Ize Random Me: YYPH Ann D
Cheers man. I am actually shrinking on the inside a lot of the time, lol.There are quite a few peeps with Aitor stuff on instagram. Worth a look if interested in seeing the stuff in use.I cannot disagree with this at all. It does look a bit better in person though due to the construction and fabric etc., but yeah. I wish he did the pig ones from his graduate collection . A lot of people don't even realise it is a skull until I place it down on a surface. They think it is a...
Not the best photos @snowmanxl and @nicelynice, but should give you a little bit of an idea of how the Abasi Rosborough vest sits. I am wearing it reversed here so that I have easy access to the large inner pockets. The way the logo shows on the chest is a nice touch and doesn't come off badly at all. I really like how they did that. Getting the leather right into the fabric and cutting out a hole so the tag peeks out. Great stuff. Abasi Rosborough CdG SHIRT Peir Wu...
Yup, it is! Unfortunately can't do a clear picture today cos of heavy rain (and I had to travel) so I am indoors, but will see what I can rustle up.
Abasi Rosborough ARC long vest 100% linen Not as many pockets as a lot of the vests on here, but thought I would add it anyway. Two side pockets and two low large inner pockets that are definitely big enough to hold iPads . Can be worn over or under a jacket or on its own. Here's a pic of it worn in some of their editorials.
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