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Thanks so much for the kind words guys The fabric definitely makes a difference with these pants for sure. Very few things drape as well as the wool gabardines Yohji uses and it helps that it ages very well too.
It will almost always come down to personal preference in my experience. At the end of the day, as the title of the thread implies, you can just stop worrying and wear the clothing however large you want and eschew any notions of "proper fit".For the oversized pieces, wear them as large as you feel comfortable with. I would say that Yohji is normally tts if you want the "regular" anti-fit fit. I have never had a problem with size 4 garments, which is what I would say was...
So, so good.
Belt is my favourite of the few belts I do own and is from SS12, trousers are from AW11 and are also one of my go tos. The taper and rise are just perfect and it has this ruching detailing along the waistband that makes it look good cinched by a belt over a tucked in shirt. Wanted to get it in this speckled grey fabric they also produced that season, but could never find it in a size 4 .Belt on runway - [[SPOILER]] Trousers on runway (other fabric iteration I wanted) -...
[[SPOILER]] Bless (pretty badass cotton voile)YYPH (wool gabardine)YYPH (leather)Burberry Prorsum (leather & brass?)
Charlie Porter posted his backstage impressions and photos from the Comme showroom. Loads of good pics and insights into the Comme, Junya, CdG SHIRT and Gosha Rubchinskiy shows. Always liked his behind-the-scenes posts like this and his enthusiasm is very infectious. More here
Another vote for JJVE. I have two pieces at the moment and the attention to detail and construction are all pretty top notch. Very considered. I am also a huge fan of his approach to making collections. One collection a year, with smaller capsule projects scattered in-between inspiration, and I guess finances, allowing.
The more I think about it, the more I love this SS15 collection, hehe. Haven't had a proper look at the Y-3 one yet, but will do so later on today hopefully.Really happy to see Yohji on such a roll and with more stockists lining up to pick up some stuff from more recent seasons it seems. Looks like business is looking up for him!Thought I would post a picture today. I got an amazing suit courtesy of @Parker from SS09. Cupro mesh over off-white (cream?) linen. Soooooooooooo...
Some extra shots courtesy of eleves on SZ. As always, looks like the back of some of the garments hold surprises
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