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Yeah I tried it as a backpack as well . I find it is easier for me to wear it with a single strap right side up so I can reach the zipper without much manipulation of the body itself. Worn as a backpack makes it look pretty badass! Now I want the skull backpack, lol.
As promised. Better pics of the bag itself (thought I would still upload these since the black & pinstripe iteration is not readily available online to see) and me wearing it today. It comfortably carries my Olympus EP-2 and my wallet in the main compartment. The secondary compartment is suitable for keys or cash as I am using it for here. Two things make this a lot more wearable in my opinion than it looks at first glance. 1. The use of suiting wool is really an...
Hana-Bi is one of my favorite films ever. Looking forward to discussion .
Someone get on this!
Just received my Shiva skull bag from DSM (with help from dantebykiko ). First impressions mirror those of jwjp. Definitely very impressed. After all the anticipation, it is pretty remarkable that Aitor and his team could make something that lived up to the hype. I also like the fact that it looks handmade and not mass manufactured - the little brand label inside and the production number are the most obvious. It is a lot lighter than I thought it would be (which at the...
Hypebeast Magazine Issue #4 has a feature on Aitor Throup: Is anyone picking up an issue? The cover feature is on Hedi Slimane, but the Throup feature looks like it could be worth it if the image below was an outtake: Will see if I can get my hands on it and do a scan.
Yeah, like sipang said he really does good interviews. I guess it is because unlike a lot of other designers he really took time to sit down and think about the what and why of his work as a designer. Since everything is basically kind of planned out ahead of time by his drawings and every little detail has a reason for existing, he is not working mostly on intuition (and lots of experience and or skill with the craft) or mood boards, which of course by their nature are...
Yeah you definitely need to have the movie downloaded. Ideally, what you should do is either download the movie straight into the film club folder (after creating a sub-folder for it first) then leave your computer online for it to upload it for you . If you have the file already, then all you need to do is copy and paste or move it into the relevant Dropbox folder on your computer. That's it. When Dropbox is done syncing, the rotating arrows on your taskbar (or whatever)...
Some photos from the H. Lorenzo launch event of the Shiva skull bag. Damn, I really want Aitor's jacket. It was the multi-pocket one at the AW13 showing Photos via hypebeast.com and the H Lorenzo twitter feed. EDIT - Damn, Aitor looks really tired in these pics. Not surprised though, I am pretty sure he has been involved in all of the installations. The jet lag alone would be killer, not to mention the actual work of putting it all together.
So...where's the next movie? I'm looking at you Lionheart (Bump)
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