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Yeah, K the cotton is very nice. Heavy but still breathable and drapes really well in my opinion. Especially with suspenders, looks really good! Great pick up . Here's a fit of the two items I got recently. Wearing them both today cos it's easier to show that way, hehe. Couldn't post yesterday cos came down with a migraine . T-shirt is 100% cotton with product code HX-T08-065. Very, very silky cotton. Feels like a blend even. Excellent drape as you can see and...
Valter, is that waistcoat from any season in particular? Or is it one of the Japan exclusive "Yohji" items? Shame it didn't work out, looks pretty cool. David, once I am ready to pick it up, be sure I will be coming to you for advice on sizing . What is your impression of the balloon blazer as well? I know it is one of your target items.
It is a shame the prices are what they are (not that I can blame Aitor considering how small his studio is and the time and effort that has gone into each piece over the years), but it's cool since each archetype will see multiple releases down the years as long as his studio remains active. Means that one can always save up to pick up a particular archetype from the concept archive down the road. What will be even better is if they can get to the stage of doing private...
Just received my items from Atelier NY. Man, the shorts are AMAZING. I need a backup pair cos I am going to live in these from now on. Fabric is so smooth and fluid (like milk or something) and the sarouel-style crotch somehow manages to avoid diaper syndrome and add so much movement to the pants. The Tshirt is great as well. Can be twisted to add some visual interest up top and the ruching detail at the back is also pretty nice. Fabric is great and very light as well,...
Thanks Parker. The tshirt is by Rxmance. Picked it up from ln-cc if I remember correctly, when they were still stocking the brand wish I got more now . I sized up and I think that was the right choice for the neck and generally looseness. Another tshirt I have been eying is the 20s tshirt by Merz B Schwanen. Looks like it would go perfectly with a casual jacket etc.
I think Arche may be referring to the double waistcoat from AW12? -
lmao, to the dark side you must come. Yes!
Hmm, I don't really see it reedo. They do share some similarities in that both Aitor and Shinkawa use sketching as their primary artistic vehicle, but other than that, Shinkawa is primarily brush, Aitor is pencil, ink and marker. I also feel that a lot of Shinkawa's art is about mood and ambience and not necessarily the details or the human form as such. Much more similar to ukiyo-e print style work and of course the works of Yoshitaka Amano. His characters also lack the...
Pretty short and sweet Dazed Digital interview with Aitor Throup during the "LEGS" exhibition.AITOR THROUP SHOWS SOME LEGA retrospective of Throup's meticulously calculated trousers was presented in Paris for two days.Text: Nabil AzadiPhotography: Yang Wang
I keep torturing myself with images of the various suits from "Funeral of New Orleans". The Trumpet suit in particular is definitely my grail one because of the pants.I wonder whether he will only release the Saxophone iteration as that is what was shown during the AW13 show. Then again, A trumpet suit for SS14 would be glorious. [[SPOILER]]
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