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Damn shame it didn't work out for you Arche. Hopefully someone jumps on it. Very cool jacket! Killer fits over the last few pages. Particularly like your fit zapatiste/shah, the jacket especially. Good stuff. A small contribution . YYPH SS12 wool gabardine jacket YYPH SS05 l/s cotton tshirt ?? Y's wool gabardine cropped pants Cherevichkiotvichki cut-out leather shoes
Yup I believe so. Decided on what I want to upload so will put it up in the next couple of hours to sync. Hopefully not too many people have watched it and it will spark some discussion
Oh yeah most definitely! Presentation is all about how you want others to perceive you and I fully embrace that aspect of clothing, hehe. It is one of the main reasons I decided to pay a bit more attention to how I dressed again after losing interest in design and clothing after I was done with university. The good thing though is that acting and dressing a certain way can also influence my mood and perception of things which means I can also gain a little bit of control...
In a way I would say that with traditional clothing in Nigeria, most of the time it is pretty limiting. You are either dressed up in pomp and finery for some big event, or trying to be low-key and not have to think about what you are wearing that day, just throw on a top, matching pants and sandals and you are good to go for most social encounters. Pretty much the same as with Western tailored clothing I would say. This is why I think fashion can be so exciting, it...
Whoops! I really let this thread get away from me (glad to see I am not the only one though!). I had a movie in mind to upload, but now I am not so sure. WIll think about it for a bit and dump something in the dropbox to begin the laborious (from Nigeria) uploading process. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and we can resume discussions. Hopefully I can use the weekend to catch up with the last couple of movies too. (BUMP)
Here's some stuff that has been on my mind recently. Pardon any rambling (I am making this up as I go along right now).I have found myself more often than not, trying to capture a particular vibe in my approach to everything I am doing these days. Design, creative direction, reading, interacting with my family etc. and I have been trying to capture it in the way I dress. It is not something I can put into words easily, but I guess I would say it is a bit like wanting to...
First post in here, but just wanted to chime in and congratulate Nataku on his awesome old school Yohji/Comme/Issey haul. Some of those Yohji pieces are serious grails and you have stuff from pretty solid seasons. Shame not a lot of it is size 4 (my typical Yohji size) or I would have hollered via PM, hehe. If you need any help identifying some pieces - quite a few of them are runway pieces and so easy to tell you what runway look goes with what jacket, but even despite...
My wife loved this. Excellent stuff as always Synth.
Cross-post.wireartist is in Nigeria working on a project with me so thought we would do some synchronised photos...might do one together at some point
And, so you don't say we haven't taken any proper pictures...we are rushing out now, so proper details later. wireartist YYPH Anne et Valentin YYPH Y's YYPH Clarks Moi YYPH Y's YYPH YYPH YYPH Marvielab
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