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This collection is really amazing. Had a proper emotional reaction to it and I haven't even seen the video yet. Damn.So good to see that after all these years of working in the industry, the trouble with his company a few years back and then the buyout/rescue that he still has this much energy and creativity in him and his team.Just beautiful stuff.
Thanks for the comments and thumbs guys!Haha. Well, I am not that tall I don't think. 1.88m (6ft 2in).Yeah, the Levi's Red stuff is pretty good! Hope some of it makes it on to the secondary market at some point.
Thanks @FrankCowperwood. No, they don't match. The stripes are also black but look like a lighter shade due to the heavy nylon(?) fabric they are made from catching the light. Very similar to seatbelts or the straps on. The bottom of the shoes are closer to a gunmetal grey.
Awesome fit and photos @Platypus!Me today -
[[SPOILER]] YYPH SS00 "seatbelt" coat (Awesome fabric. I picked up the full runway setup from wireartist a while backCan't remember composition of the fabric, but it is incredibly light. Sleeves are lined in silk and it feels very luxurious. There is a strip on the side vent that allows for some great fabric movement when in motion. Not sure I could capture it properly in the image, but I tried.Levi's RED tshirtYYPH SS04 drawstring wrap trousers (New acquisition and my...
Oh snap! I was hoping to pick it up in a 4, but I am usually a size
Definitely on my cop list for this season . Trying to pick up more prints and this looks really great.Great photos David!
Beautiful photo shah! That coat is really amazing. Still on the lookout for a go to YY winter coat that I can default to whenever I travel and need the protection. Really great photos recently. I just received some goodies from @davidlee388! First up SS15 trompe l'oeil denim cotton drop crotch trousers. Just threw this all together and left the house, but I now think I have forgotten how to wear anything that even remotely looks like jeans, lol. Anyway. YYPH...
Well, I have been looking for some prints so maybe I might be able to oblige you at some point
It did! Hehe. More than adequate for the weather here.I also slept on those jeans. Made a choice between the jacket and a pair earlier and then was hoping to pick them up later in the sale. By the time I remembered to have a look, they were sold.
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